Colby Covington: “Fighting George St. Pierre Would Be Extremely Easy For Me”


Former UFC welterweight contender American Colby Covington believes he would easily defeat legendary Canadian George St. Pierre if their fight took place. According to Covington, George acted primitively during his performances and would have had no problems during their duel.

“Many people think that I would not beat George St. Pierre, but I know I can beat him. He knew how to knock down guys, hold and beat, but in a fight with me, he would not have been able to do this. I am a completely different fighter, besides, I have never lost in the UFC octagon and George would not have been the first who managed to defeat me.

St. Pierre’s punches were pretty simple, I would even say childish. He didn’t have a lot of tricks in his arsenal, and his only really good shot was a jab. It is easy to beat if you move your body and use your legs. So I think that the fight with George St. Pierre would be extremely easy for me, ”said Covington.

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