Coach Miocic is confident that his charge is capable of “dampening the ardor” of Jones if they fight


After former UFC light heavyweight champion John Jones moved to the heavyweight division, talk immediately began about his possible fight with reigning heavyweight title holder Stipe Miocic.

It is noteworthy that many experts in this hypothetical confrontation prefer Jones. Miocic’s coach Marcus Marinelli disagrees with their opinion. He is convinced that his charge can handle the Bones if they split the octagon.

“I think Stipe’s standing position could cool Jones’ ardor. Plus they have a size difference. Stipe is a very effective 230 pound fighter. He’s extremely strong. Stipe is stronger than anyone Jones has ever fought.

Stipe doesn’t move like a heavyweight, but like a middleweight fighter. Therefore, Jones will not have a speed advantage, “Marcus Marinelli told ESPN.

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