Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ufa Rostislav Murzagulov resigned, photo session with Ulyana Trigubchak


The top manager of the RPL club resigned after a candid photo shoot. Coincidence?

Rostislav Murzagulov quit

One of the most mysterious retirements of the year in Russian football.

Member of the Public Chamber of Bashkiria and concurrently chairman of the board of directors of Bashinform JSC Rostislav Murzagulov took the position of chairman of the board of directors of Ufa in 2020, after the departure of Shamil Gazizov for promotion to Spartak. But the top manager did not work in this position for long – less than a year.

Yesterday Murzagulov published a rather candid photo of the former ice girl “Salavat Yulaev” Ulyana Trigubchakby accompanying it with the hashtag comingout – thus, apparently, they revealed their relationship.

And today it became known that Murzagulov decided to leave both positions and change his occupation to the one “that suits him best.” According to him, the departure has nothing to do with the photo session that appeared – he made the decision even before filming.

“Of course, Ufa is our joint brainchild with Shamil Gazizov, which we created ten years ago,” he told the Championship. – But I will not cling to the chair and watch how your brainchild dies. If I tried to stay, the football club would certainly die. This is due to many reasons, including the fact that I end up with politics. It doesn’t suit me, and it was a mistake to go to it. A football club should be headed by someone who is politically strong, has authority, weight and the ability to convince regional authorities and sponsors that Ufa needs to be financed. To date, I did not have such confidence about myself, so I made such a decision.

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I feel relieved. Everyone should do what is written to him in the family: I definitely do not have any inscriptions about power and politics there. I only helped someone whom I sincerely consider the right person. Maybe I made mistakes somewhere. Perhaps, if I had done everything differently, I could have stayed both in the Chamber and in Ufa. But I think that personal freedom is more expensive, you need to remain yourself, and not mimic for the sake of posts or other things. Creativity in all its manifestations is much closer to me, it is more interesting to engage in media projects. Back to what I can do. “

In his “instagram” Murzagulov wrote that he was going “to freedom with a clear conscience” and now is in search of work, or rather – “new motivations for life.” Judging by his post, he was disappointed in power (or did not share something with someone) – so much so that he already wanted to “fall asleep for 20 years.” I even recalled the situation with the soda mound: in 2018, the defenders of the shikhans included in the register of specially protected natural areas opposed their development and the launch of soda production.

It is not yet clear what Murzagulov will do next. But his place in Ufa will not be vacant for a long time: according to Sport24, Ruslan Khabibov, Minister of Youth Policy and Sports of the Republic of Bashkortostan, will be appointed to the post of chairman of the board of directors.

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