Carlos Moya: The most painful for Nadal was the defeat by Medvedev in the semifinals of the tournament in London


Spaniard’s mentor Rafael Nadal Carlos Moya summed up the season for his ward.

“I can’t say that the defeat against Tim at the Australian Open influenced Rafa the most. Of course, it was the quarterfinals of“ Slam ”, it’s not easy to realize. But I think the most painful defeat was against Medvedev in the semifinals of the tournament in London. Nadal has never was not that close to winning the Final.

As for the final of Roland Garros against Djokovic, we had doubts. The competition took place in completely different conditions, besides, Rafa held only one tournament in front of him, and even that was not very successful. However, Philippe Shatrie’s court is Nadal’s home.

Before the final, we were told that the match would be held with the roof closed, and we thought about how to tell Rafa about it. In the end, Francisco Roig did it. However, Nadal replied: “I don’t care, I will win this match.” I’ve never heard anything like it from him. Rafa is very modest in life, so it was not a manifestation of arrogance, but rather confidence, conviction “, – quotes Moya L’Equipe.

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