Azmun? Dziuba? Or is it Sobolev ?! Six real contenders for the RPL Golden Boot


Who will be the top scorer of the RPL-2020/2021

Azmun? Dziuba? Or is it Sobolev ?! Six real contenders for the RPL Golden Boot

Zenit is not only a favorite in the standings, but also a top scorer.


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Five rounds before the finish, six players at once compete for the Golden Boot of the Russian Championship: two representatives each from Zenit and Spartak and one each from CSKA and Rubin. Last year, teammates Serdar Azmun and Artyom Dziuba shared the title of the top scorer, shooting 17 goals each. This season they are again at the top, but behind is a group of dangerous competitors. Who will win the RPL bombing race now? Let’s estimate the odds.

RPL scorers table.

6. Djordje Despotovich, forward, Rubin

Matches: 21.
Goals: 11 (from the penalty spot – 2).
Minutes Played: 1534.
Minutes per goal: 139.
Goals per match: 0.52.
Remaining rivals: Ural, Krasnodar, Dynamo, Arsenal, Rotor.

In recent matches, the Despot has dragged Rubin into fifth place, scoring four goals and two assists in six games. Ahead of Slutsky’s team rivals are mainly from the bottom of the table. If the Serb goes out in all games and spends 139 minutes on a goal, then he will be able to score three or four goals.

Forecast: 13 goals.

5. Nikola Vlašić, midfielder, CSKA

Matches: 23.
Goals: 11 (from the penalty spot – 3).
Minutes Played: 2027.
Minutes per goal: 184.
Goals per match: 0.48.
Remaining rivals: Sochi, Spartak, Ufa, Krasnodar, Dynamo.

Vlašić is the only non-striker in the top scorer. This season Nikola has scored only against Spartak of the upcoming rivals. It is probably not worth waiting for the fireworks of heads from the Croat – we are unlikely to see more than two balls.

Forecast: 13 heads.

Goncharenko’s plan did not work again. The coach’s logic became a problem for CSKA

A pair of Akhmetov – Obljakov failed, Rondon failed, and Edzhuke was too detached from the team’s actions.

4. Alexander Sobolev, forward, Spartak

Matches: 18.
Goals: 12 (from the penalty spot – 4).
Minutes Played: 1176.
Minutes per goal: 98.
Goals per match: 0.67.
Remaining rivals: Ufa (concedes), CSKA, Arsenal, Khimki, Akhmat.

Sobolev spends the least minutes on a goal among competitors. Also, the forward of “Spartak” has the most goals from the penalty spot. If Oleksandr keeps his pace (98 minutes per goal), then in the remaining matches he is quite capable of improving the current result by three goals. In the next round, Sobolev will not improve his statistics (misses because of the busting of cards) – but he will approach the derby with CSKA not only over-motivated, but also full of energy.

Forecast: 15 heads.

3. Jordan Larsson, forward, Spartak

Matches: 24.
Goals: 12 (from the penalty spot – 1).
Minutes Played: 2057.
Minutes per goal: 171.
Goals per match: 0.50.
Remaining rivals: Ufa, CSKA, Arsenal, Khimki, Akhmat.

This season, the Swedish forward has already shipped balls to Khimki and Akhmat. Lately Larsson scores two at a time. So in the remaining matches it is really possible to see a couple of Jordan’s goals.

Forecast: 15 heads.

The scorer of Spartak is admired in Germany. Larsson will replace Holland?

The reds and whites can pull off a lucrative exit shuttle.

2. Artyom Dzyuba, forward, Zenit

Matches: 23.
Goals: 13 (from the penalty spot – 3).
Minutes Played: 1925.
Minutes per goal: 148.
Goals per match: 0.57.
Remaining rivals: Krasnodar, Rotor, Lokomotiv, Ufa, Tambov.

Zenit has not too dangerous rivals, and Dziuba has already scored three of them. The captain of the Russian national team put three goals to Ufa and one goal to Krasnodar and Rotor. Now it will not be so easy to excel, but Dzyuba will surely find two or three goals.

Forecast: 15 heads.

1. Serdar Azmun, forward, Zenit

Matches: 21.
Goals: 15 (from the penalty spot – 2).
Minutes Played: 1492.
Minutes per goal: 99.
Goals per match: 0.71.
Remaining rivals: Krasnodar, Rotor, Lokomotiv, Ufa, Tambov.

Azmun strikingly spends the second round of the championship – nine goals. He has already upset “Ufa” and “Tambov” and, it seems, will become the top scorer of the championship. Serdar is as effective as Sobolev. A three-goal lead at this stage will play into the hands of the Iranian striker at the end of the season.

Forecast: 18 heads.

The most expensive Zenit winter transfers. There have been no changes in the list for more than two years!

There are three players in the top at once, who played under the leadership of Kurban Berdyev.

Dmitry Kirichenko

Dmitry Kirichenko

RPL top scorer in the seasons 2002, 2005

“Azmun will win the bombardment race – I am 99 percent sure of that. Zenit has a good calendar: Serdar and Artyom have a lot to turn around. Most likely Azmun will be the first, and Dziuba – the second. If the Iranian reaches 20 goals, it will be a good result for him. But Dziuba is capable of this too. “

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