Жена Аршавина наняла охрану из-за угроз со стороны футболиста

Arshavin's wife hired security forces for threats from a footballer


At the beginning of the year, the statutes, to forgive the betrayals of the faithful, Alice filed for divorce. Now the woman is worried about her safety, because according to StarHit she receives threats from Andrei Arshavin.

Attorney Alexander Dobrovinsky, who is a close friend of Yulia Baranovskaya, pledged to defend her. It was her current legal department that detained her husband 7 years ago.

Dobrovinsky also defended the honor of the Kazakh chess player Bibisara Asaubayeva.

"At first, of course, I informed Julia," Alexander Andreevich told StarHit. "She is a wise woman, normal attitude."

On February 26, the first session of the Divorce Court will take place in St. Petersburg. In the meantime, the athlete with a company of strangers took off the Mercedes of his rightful wife and also threw threats.

"We are thinking of hiring a guard for Alice," Dobrovinsky continues. – I think it is necessary. My client is very excited about everything that happens, depressed and very worried. "

Remember Arshavin's wife, who appealed to the police with a statement, in which she reported that Arshavin had taken the Mercedes GL 350 from her (only a child seat left) and threatened to detain her.

Meanwhile, Andrei demands the return of around one million euros, which he allegedly gave his wife in marriage. Even options offers: for example, make decorations. "He has already taken the property away," said the lawyer. – The house they have built together, the apartment, has long been recorded by Andrei's mother. Just as with Julia: When Arshavin left her – also with a scandal – he prepared everything in advance. "

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The footballer also decided to forget Alice's daughter, he did not even congratulate Eseny on his birthday. During the process, the athlete's partner needs maintenance, but Arshavin does not care much about it. "He already spends 50% of his income on Baranovsky," Dobrovinsky explains. – This is the maximum according to law. All that can be done is redistributing money for four children – each receives 12.5%. "

It should be remembered that Alice Arshavin had asked the court to end her marriage to a footballer. Alice has repeatedly admitted that she has not lived with her husband for a long time and that the official break was only a matter of time. "It is a pity that he behaves like a child in his 37 years," she told StarHit. "Maybe a healthy mind will turn on." Now he is in trouble. I fell in love, got up and left. For him, the child is sex. And change companions – a common cause. There is probably already a new romance – ice skates, hotels, walks. "

At the end of last year, Andrei Arshavin was caught cheating on his wife. The 21-year-old stewardess Karina Neman was the lover of the football player. The athlete himself declined to comment on the new hobby. And recently, fans of the former striker hoped for a reunion with the ex-wife. The reason for this was his unexpected meeting with his former family – a few weeks ago Andrei Arshavin met with children from Yulia Baranovskaya for the first time in five years. ,

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