Арман Оспанов: 27 апреля мы узнаем, сказался ли на мне простой

Arman Ospanov: On April 27, we will find out if a simple person affected me.



The ACA 95 tournament will be held in Moscow on April 27, where the top Kazakh MMA fighter Arman Ospanov will perform. In an interview with the press service of the company "Sunkar" the expectations were shared at the upcoming event, reports Prosports.kz.

The fighter from Kazakhstan returns after a year and a half. The last time Ospanov went to Octagon in December 2017 when a controversial decision by judges lost to Alexei Polpudnikov. In May of last year, Arman was to fight Hakob Stepanyan, who retired one hour before the start of the tournament. Kazakh fighter Rasul Mirzaev was scheduled to meet in November of the same year, but he himself was injured a month before the event. On April 27, Ospanov from Germany will compete against Lom-Ali Eskiyev.

About the upcoming fight and a long simple one:

I will speak at the ASA 95 in Moscow. They gave me a good opponent – Lom-Ali Eskiyev. The simple was quite long, but had its own reasons. First, I had a rival, Hakob Stepanyan, then I had surgery on the nose and rehabilitated, and then there was an association of ACB and WFCA leagues.

I am glad that I can speak before Ramadan. Of course a little pressure. On April 27, we will find out if it affected me or not.

About your opponent:

I have never rivaled in my life and I was ready to fight against all offers in the league. Lom-Ali is an impressive opponent with a high rank. He fights well and loves to beat. The weaknesses have them all. And we will see them at the ACA 95 in Moscow.

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On the support of fans from Kazakhstan:

When Kazakh fighters come out, many of our fans come. Because our people love their fighters. Moscow is not a foreign city for the Kazakhs, so I expect many of our fans. My friend Eugene Egemberdiev will also be on this card. Together we will defend the honor of our country. Ying Sha Allah, show yourself. I wish my wife that he is well, that his fight would be without injuries.

In preparation for the upcoming fight:

The training camp was held as usual. First I was in my homeland in Shymkent, we have a good boxing school here. Then I was in a training camp in Thailand where we focus on Thai boxing.

And now I am in Dagestan, in Makhachkala. There are hospitable people in the halls full of people. Many top fighters train here. I am in "DagFighter" at Mansur Uchukayev, in "Gorce" and in "Agat". We work a lot and help each other with my girlfriend Marat Gafurov. He too will soon have a duel.

Soon I will start weight loss and go to Moscow. There is very little time left. See you on the 27th at the ASA 95 In Sha Allah Tournament.

I want to thank our fans for being sick and worried about us. We will do our utmost to please you with a nice victory! ", Ospanov Castle.

We add that the ACA 95 tournament will take place in Moscow on April 27th. You can follow the news of the tournament on our website Prosports.kz.



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