“Are you writing on theory? You need such a football player in a psychiatric hospital ”. 11 cheerful responses from Umyarov


20 years, 13 matches and one scoring in this season RPL, as well as the best English among the Russian players of Spartak. It’s all about the midfielder Naila Umyarove, who today for the first time in his career can play against Dynamo.

Dynamo and Spartak players – about the mood for derby and German coaches. Getting ready!

Zobnin tells how he will play against the former club.

“I remembered here the match with Dynamo [в марте 2019 года], – said Nail in an interview with “Championship”. – I didn’t play then, but from the bench I saw Djika’s free-kick goal. Even then I realized that there were fundamental matches against Dynamo: by the way we tuned in the locker room, how the fans shouted. You need to win! After the national teams, the games are going hard. Last time we lost to CSKA, next time it was difficult with Khimki.

Our interview is lightning fast and is a good read after breakfast. 11 questions – 11 answers. Good morning, have a nice day and a bright derby!

Photo: Edgar Breshchanov, “Championship”

– Nail, you are from Syzran, where the Russian Figure Skating Cup was held in September, and the audience complained about the nightmarish roads. What is this city for you?
– Wow, did not know that there was something going on. Syzran is dear to me: I grew up there, lived up to 10 years old and started playing football. But I don’t remember much of the city, because even in kindergarten, instead of a quiet hour, I went to train and worked until the evening. At school I also went to lunch, did my homework at night, and so every day. Two or three workouts a day, seven days a week. So my childhood passed in Syzran. And it’s really better not to talk about the roads, haha.

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– When friends come to Syzran, what will you show them?
– I hardly believe that someone will come here to me. I would show where I played football, but there is nothing else.

– What impression did Moscow make on you?
– First impression: “Wow, how beautiful everything is, what a big city.” For the first time I saw Red Square and was stunned – you cannot say otherwise. Then he got used to Moscow even more than to Syzran. Favorite place, oddly enough, home. In the morning I leave for training, after lunch I return, and I have no strength to go somewhere. I can go to dinner with my parents or sit with my six-year-old nephew: he surprises me all the time, we go out with the ball to the court, taught him to play the console.

– Is it true that you cook well?
– I don’t particularly like it and I can, but I cooked super simple dishes a couple of times in quarantine. Creamy pasta with chicken or shrimp and rice with turkey. I will cook this calmly. Better ask Artyom Rebrov – that’s who knows everything about cooking. Every day he puts out his breakfasts and dinners. Sometimes, he will tell you how he made soup or pilaf. He mostly cooks on an open fire, and I have a gas stove in my apartment.

Photo: Edgar Breshchanov, “Championship”

– What else did you learn in quarantine?
– Online training for zoom! At first it was not clear, but for two months we trained like this three or four times a week and got so used to it that we are ready to hold the first winter training camp in zoom. Joke!

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– Did Tedesco zoom in on a visit? Show me the vases of your house?
– He was not always there, we were mainly loaded by the physical training coach. Domenico connected and asked how things were going; plus he told how we will act in the next week and month when we start training. I did not explain the zoom tactics.

Schwartz helped Tedesco lose his job. Avenged all past grievances at once!

On Saturday, German coaches will face each other for the first time in Russia – in the Derby “Spartak” – “Dynamo”.

– Do you speak English well and understand the head coach?
– I understand everything, they also understand me. But I’m not speaking perfectly. I can translate from English into Russian. But over the course of a year, everyone began to understand Tedesco anyway: if you listen to English every day, you get used to it. When Domenico just arrived, I thought: “I don’t understand anything now, but communication through an interpreter is not right.” But I immediately began to understand, because Domenico is not a native speaker, his speech is easier to understand. Plus, our translator Dima Kreitor translates not only phrases, but also emotions. Tedesco repeats football words: if pressure, then push-push. He tries to speak in simple language so that everyone understands. If he walks by, he asks how at home, how is the mood and family.

– By the way, how do you remember everything in theory when you analyze your opponent? Do you write something in iPhone notes?
– If you don’t remember the strengths and weaknesses of your rivals and want to write it down, you need such a football player in a mental hospital, ha-ha. Nobody records anything, there is no such thing.

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– Who do you communicate with in the team?
– Like, with everyone, haha. More with young people, we have common interests with Pasha Maslov or Ilyukha Gaponov, we use youth slang, which Tyoma Rebrov does not always understand. I communicate with Rebrov, Yeshchenko, Zoba, Kutepov, Dzhikia … Yes, I have pleasant relations with everyone. There are no, as they used to say, groups. A fairly young team, all great people.

– What is your favorite chant?
– Yes all! After the games, they especially stick in my head, so I walk and sing!

– And the last thing. What are you dreaming about?
– The immediate goals are to achieve trophies with Spartak and to show our team in Europe, we haven’t played there for a long time. The main thing is trophies and victories!

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