Andy Murray: I had to talk not about tennis, but about the toilet breaks of Tsitsipas. This is bad


Briton Andy Murray commented on his accusations against the Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas

“Stefanos is a great tennis player who is very important to tennis. But I don’t intend to tolerate this behavior, I will no longer be able to respect him. We have to do something about it. This is often talked about, but the situation does not change.

If nobody cares about it, then okay. I need to discuss this with the team, other tennis players and fans. Perhaps I react so sharply because of defeat. But it seems to me that all this is harmful to tennis, interferes with television and spectators.

And after the match, I have to talk not about how great he plays and what benefits he brings to Tur, not about the fact that I performed at a good level after everything that happened to me over the past four years, but about his toilet, medical and other breaks. This is bad.

I didn’t even want to give a press conference because it looks like I’m angry that I lost. But believe me, I would say the same if I won. I don’t blame him for what was said in Cincinnati. But you can’t do that, and he knows it, “- journalist Ben Rothenberg quotes Murray on Twitter.

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