Andrei Rublev: It’s clear, I want to officially represent my country


Russian tennis player Andrey Rublev in an interview with Tele-Sport, he shared his expectations from the Olympics.

– This is the first Olympics in your career. How do you feel now?
– I hope we will play well, show a good level of play. I am very glad to be at my first official Olympics. Now I have a couple of days to prepare, I will try to use them to the maximum. Let’s see how things go.

– Have you managed to assess the severity of the Japanese bubble? Is it tougher than your tour?
– More rigor in order to get into this bubble. There were a lot of checks at the airport, we sat there for four hours. Danya Medvedev – generally eight hours, I think.

– So long? Why?
– He just waited for checks – there you sit in these rooms, you wait … Upon arrival at the Olympic village, there are also different checks. But in the village itself there is no particular severity – you just walk in a mask and that’s it. And here, on the courts, everything is about the same.

– You must perform in three categories at once – singles, doubles and mixed …
– Have you already announced that I will play mixed?

– Well, earlier it was said about it as a fact.
– In fact, I don’t know yet if I was announced in the mixed. I want to play it, but we haven’t been officially told yet. I know that I play alone and for sure. I would like to mix, but I will or not – we’ll see.

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– Did the pre-Olympic training camp in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk somehow help with acclimatization?
– Of course, it helped a lot. Even if you don’t train, but just fly to another continent and stay there, it will help acclimatize. It’s great that we flew there, because even now, on the first day, everything is very difficult. And if we were from Moscow … It would be many times worse.

– But it was hardly possible to prepare for the Japanese heat anyway.
– Yes, it’s very hot and humid here.

– What are your impressions of the Olympic Village? Yesterday they talked a lot about various problems in it.
– Yes, already somehow used to it. The first impression of the rooms was … Well, heavy. It is unusual that the cardboard beds, the shower room are very, very small – it was very difficult to fit in there. There were no shampoos or gels, it was necessary to purchase all this. But now it is much better.

– What about anti-sex beds?
– Yes, you know, ordinary single beds …

– Is there really nothing unusual?
– In terms of beds – no. More problems with the fact that things have nowhere to put. In the same bathroom … That is, you have to keep a cosmetic bag in your room and take everything you need with you to the bathroom. Because there is no room at all.

– Are the rooms so small?
– Yes. And the shower doesn’t work well.

– But at least there is someone to complain about the conditions?
– Maybe there is. But in general, this is not something global that directly interferes. We cannot increase the size of the bathroom.

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– But at least nobody’s beds have broken yet?
– No. It seems to me that they are generally quite strong … Well, if you don’t hit them (laughs).

– What about neutral status? Does it press somehow?
– We cannot influence this in any way. Now these are the rules. Of course, I want to officially represent my country. On the other hand, I know where I was born and live, so it has no global significance.

– Moreover, the Japanese themselves are confused with this. Yesterday, at the official training session, you were signed with the abbreviation RUS instead of the permitted ROC.
– Well, yes. Therefore, it is more of a convention.

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