Andrei Chervichenko’s column: Orenburg stadium, RFU, licensing


“People should not dress in dog houses and wash themselves with rusty water.” Column Chervichenko

Column of Andrey Chervichenko

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The former Spartak boss talks about Orenburg and corruption in Rosfotball.

Andrey Chervichenko in his new column for the Championship, he discusses the situation around Orenburg and the licensing procedure for football clubs.

It’s time for our football country to stop being a banana republic. There are rules, regulations and laws that must be strictly followed. And not so that the severity of any law in Russia is compensated by the non-binding nature of its implementation. And also that participation in celestials gives an indulgence to an almost widespread violation of this or that law. Let’s say a very simple situation: the teams go to the European cups and they are sent a position to perform. I don’t remember a single discussion about the sports component. What is everyone doing? They take it under the visor and go to fulfill the requirements: for the dressing room, for the judges, infrastructure and broadcasts. Nowhere and no one talks about the sports principle. Why is it that in Europe everyone is hacked, but in their own country no one does that? How long can this economic mess go on? Didn’t Orenburg last time come out with the same unfinished stadium in the RPL, and only its proximity to a certain and large structure allowed them to play? Not confusing anything? So why are they now going to come out again, again without reconstructing anything, without bringing their Sovdep stadium back to normal and not fulfilling certain requirements?

“Orenburg” can be smuggled into the RPL bypassing the regulations. Why do we need a law if it doesn’t work?

I think the severity of the prohibitions in this situation is good. We should not receive an undercompletion in the form of “Orenburg”. There are people and regions who spend money on this, but why do these have indulgences? Why do people have to change clothes in dogs, wash themselves with rusty water after playing and endure broadcast disruptions due to cable breaks.

There is a nuance that can be disputed – the number of seats. Taken from the ceiling, the figure of ten thousand is not objective and not thought out for each region separately. The figure should be either fluctuating or tied to the total population of the region. Another option is reduced to five thousand. If the team has seven to eight thousand, why do you need ten? Do not. But these seven or eight should be perfectly comfortable and well equipped. The field should be clearly visible from each place, and not so that you observe the support post for half the game, and look out the other half to see something.


Teams that have clear sources of funding can go through this procedure in a more lightweight manner, but I don’t see such in the FNL. The rest must confirm their actual funding for the next season, so that situations like with Tambov do not arise. Their guys are fighting, and they are great, but why should they play debt? Until now, no one has guaranteed them that they will be paid. Football players also need to be protected.

It is high time to eradicate legal nihilism in FNL. Anyway, this league needs to be cleaned up decently. If you dive there properly and see the compliance of all teams and their stadiums with the rules and regulations, you can be horrified. My opinion is that 80 percent of them do not correspond to this. Everything is so, because on agreements, on connections, on approaching the powers that be. Do you understand that turning to the strong is fraught with danger? We live in such a time that no one does anything to anyone for free. You once turned to them, they helped you, they dragged you through, so you already have to. And at some point with some kind of request they may turn to you – and not the fact that with some kind of pleasant and good for you. These moments are the seeds of corruption that are sown before the season starts.

Are the RPL requirements too high? The leading European leagues have fewer stadiums than Orenburg
Are the RPL requirements too high? The leading European leagues have fewer stadiums than Orenburg

If “Orenburg” is allowed to play in the RPL, but all the comments are not eliminated, it will be very bad. I know that the general meeting of the RPL is against intercession, protectionism and the smuggling of teams that do not comply with the regulations. I am sure that if there is a second vote, they will vote in the same way. I think that Dyukov will not go to confrontation with the general meeting. And somehow to persuade or roll people … We have already answered: bring everything in line, and no one will make any obstacles.

The regions need football, but pay attention to the things the club can do. I do not believe that in Orenburg for three years they have not been able to do anything with the inside of the stadium. They just didn’t want to, or they let it go!

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