Anatoly Malykhin: “I saw Miocic at the weigh-in before the rematch with Ngannu and I couldn’t believe my eyes”


Undefeated Russian heavyweight Anatoly Malykhin does not understand why former UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic lost weight ahead of his rematch with Francis Ngannu, in which he lost early in the second round.

“When Miocic took his leg, I would definitely have put Nganna on. I’m sure I would have put him on this leg. In general, I was rooting for Miocic and made a bet on him. But I didn’t understand why Miocic lost weight. In the first fight, he weighed in the area 110 kilograms. He began to weigh almost 106.5 kg. I saw him at the weigh-in and could not believe my eyes. Immediately I thought to myself: “Why did you do that? For what? “Just these 5-6 kg of his foolishness, which was allowed to plant Nganna, were gone.

Miocic, of course, was a little wary, because Ngannu hits very hard. Ngannu is a bad guy. Such people are unique. I understand how strong Ngannu is. I can imagine this because I fought with such big guys. But so far I haven’t touched him myself, so I don’t understand how physically gifted he really is, “Anatoly Malykhin said in an interview with the YouTube channel” Let me interrupt you. “

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