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America’s Cup 2021 ended with a dream final and a new Marakanaso. Only now, it seems, Argentina was more happy with the victory than Brazil was upset with the defeat. The Argentines interrupted an inconceivable 28-year streak without titles, the Brazilians received a good assessment of their own strength, the rest were solving local problems. At a terribly organized tournament, everyone stayed with their own people.

Messi and Argentina helped each other win. Leo had a brilliant tournament, and the team supported him

If you look only at numbers, you might get the impression that Messi single-handedly dragged the Argentina national team to victory. Before the decisive match, he participated in all 11 goals of the national team: he scored four himself, gave five assists, and began two more attacks at the pre-goal stage. In the final, Messi (as it turned out, playing with an injury) has become habitually a shadow of himself. But this time the Argentines won because Leo was not really alone.

Have you seen the America's Cup? Here's the thrill for you: a lot of emotions, Messi and Neymar
Have you seen the America’s Cup? Here’s the thrill for you: a lot of emotions, Messi and Neymar

Previously, the team’s game could be described simply: make the transfer of Messi and see what happens. He had to go deep in search of the ball, drag it forward himself, simultaneously beating half of the opponent’s squad. The partners, as a rule, really just watched all this. Scaloni managed to solve this problem by fully integrating it into the team thanks to two key changes.

Messi himself began to play differently. At the America’s Cup, he could often be seen in midfield at the time of counterattacks. Instead of running forward, he lingered slightly behind with the ball, as if skipping the game further and controlling everything from there. With a sudden long pass, he threw his partners into the break. This took the defenders by surprise, who did not have time to part and ended up in half positions.

Once employed by Guardiola at Barcelona Domenech Torrent predicted that with age, Messi, with a loss of speed, will be able to calmly move to the position of a midfielder ala-Xavi. Scaloni used this idea, although there was no full-fledged transformation. Leo is still a forward thanks to the fact that he is surrounded by young and dynamic partners who work out in defense, take the balls and deliver them forward.

Rodrigo De Paul was ubiquitous and became one of the best players in the tournament, Leandro Paredes and Giovani Lo Celso together with him formed the midfield line that supported Messi and was responsible for the quick start of most games. Lautaro Martinez and Niko Gonzalez tWe also interacted well with him, opening up to the very programs. Argentines have a top center-back Christian Romero and the goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez, without thrash currents and saves which there would be no ending.

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Argentina has gained much more than the long-awaited victory. A randomly appointed coach built a new team in which Messi became the real captain and leader. Now Scaloni will surely take her to the World Cup. This is not a top team yet, but the progress in two years is impressive.

Brazil doesn’t seem to be very upset with the defeat. But Tita has something to think about.

The Brazilian national team lost the final at Maracana for only the second time in history, but the defeat was perceived rather casually. Equal in size with the legendary fiasco at the 1950 World Cup for them will probably forever remain 1: 7 from Germany, and it’s not at all about the level of the America’s Cup. It’s just that they already won their tournament two years ago at the same Marakana with the fans, and the attitude towards the ending was immediately strained.

The footballers did not want to play and called for a boycott, the head coach at every press conference complained about the pitches, scolded the organizers and experimented with the line-up, clearly keeping in mind the next world championship. With this approach, it is not surprising that the trophy eventually went to those who needed it most. Even Neymar, having never won the America’s Cup, he did not cry for long and soon rejoiced with Messi in his success.

For Tite, the tournament was valuable primarily as a testing ground for those very experiments. It was assumed that with the help of changes in the positions or functions of the players, the team would develop various tactical alternatives and find ideal combinations in the attack. Not that it did not work out – the coach had a lot of food for thought, but the effect was not entirely expected.

It turned out that the Brazilians depend on Neymar almost more than Argentina on Messi. Serious problems still arise against organized defending opponents, especially those who are physically well prepared. When everything works out – Brazil cannot be stopped, but I cannot win matches through and I can hardly take a hit.

The main opening of the tournament is Luis Diaz. Scored on par with Messi and led Colombia to bronze medals

Before the start of the America’s Cup, the 24-year-old winger was featured in almost every player’s rankings to watch out for. Diaz became one of the few who even exceeded expectations. He shared the title of top scorer with Messi, scored a crazy goal against Brazil, transferred the semi-final with Argentina to a penalty shootout and scored a double against Peru with the winning goal in 90 + 4 minutes in the match for third place.

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He has been playing for Porto for two years now, scoring more than two dozen goals, including Manchester City and Krasnodar in the Champions League, but he is not yet a solid player in the starting lineup. There he had problems because of playing clean balls, but a performance at the America’s Cup could drastically change the Colombian’s career. Diaz is a tough and fast dribbler with a lot of flank presence and great hitting.

It would not be entirely fair to rewrite all the successes on him. Returned to his home team after a failed attempt to rebuild Chile Reinaldo Rueda literally in a month turned the team from losing to Uruguay and Ecuador with a total score of 1: 9 into the bronze medalist of the continent. Who will remember now that he unhooked James Rodriguez?

Colombia indistinctly entered the tournament, but in the end it appeared as an organized, physically powerful team that can grab any opponent. It is not surprising that a great tournament was held Vilmar Barrios from “Zenith”, which is considered by many to be the best defensive player of the Copa.

An Italian and an Englishman lit up at the America’s Cup. Perhaps it will become a trend

Many South American teams are now united by an overdue generational change. If Argentina can afford to renew the squad almost painlessly, then Uruguay is already facing problems. What can we say about Chile, the golden generation of which is more a passing phenomenon than a regularity. So far, there are no even potentially equivalent replacements for the aging winners of the two America’s Cups.

Even Rueda, before returning to Colombia, offered to look for fresh blood abroad. The first was Nicholas Castro from Alesund, who was born and lived all his life in Norway. He has not yet managed to gain a foothold in the team and create the same sensation as the Englishman Ben Brereton… For a moment, the native of Stock even made him forget about the injured Alexis Sanchez, although in general the Chileans performed very poorly.

Peruvian national team exposed long-standing replacement problem Jose Paolo Guerrero. The top scorer and spiritual leader of the team did not fully recover from a knee injury, and in general, in recent years, he has been treated more and served suspensions than he played. The chance to become his heir was with Raul Ruidiaswho scored in packs in Mexico and MLS. However, in the national team, the striker was as if spellbound, the ball simply did not go into the goal. One goal in five years is an eloquent statistic.

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Saved the situation Gianluca Lapadula. The Italian, still in the selection with two assists, helped to win the most important victory in Ecuador, and in the America’s Cup he scored three goals and made one assist. He could have become the top scorer along with Lionel Messi and Luis Diaz, but one of the goals against Paraguay was recorded as a defender. In less than a month, Lapadula fell in love with all of Peru and closed the issue with the striker for the next couple of years.

It is unlikely that against the background of their successes, the South American teams will begin to collect players from all over the world, but the emergence of some new bright personalities may well continue the trend.

Messi won the America’s Cup. Now it won’t take place every two years?

Conspiracy theories are always interesting, but in fact, nobody did anything for Messi. The extraordinary rally appeared due to a logical desire to synchronize the calendars with the European Championship, now they will continue to be held simultaneously. And the more America’s Cups, the more money you can make. Unfortunately, all this, together with the traditional South American carelessness, went to the detriment of the tournament. An event of such importance and scale was actually organized at the very last moment on a leftover principle. The matches were not played at the best Brazilian stadiums and fields, because many refused. Massive outbreaks of coronavirus in teams began even before the first game. The lack of spectators exacerbated the impression against the backdrop of Euro 2020, which Kopa lost in many ways. Only the dream ending between Brazil and Argentina saved the situation a little.

Messi took the title with Argentina! Defeated friend Neymar in the final and celebrated victory with him
Messi took the title with Argentina! Defeated friend Neymar in the final and celebrated victory with him

It seems that the future of the tournament is in the unification of South and North America, because the Century Cup in 2016 was the closest in its atmosphere to the World or European Championships.

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