Alexander Shlemenko is sure that McGregor himself is to blame for breaking his leg in a fight with Poirier


Former Bellator middleweight champion Alexander Shlemenko believes that UFC star fighter Conor McGregor, due to the active use of low-kicks, himself provoked a broken leg at the end of the first round of the fight with Dustin Poirier at UFC 264, as a result of which he suffered an early defeat.

“McGregor himself got this injury. He drew it himself with these low-kicks. There was no need to hit them, that’s all. Conor did not differ in these low-kicks, did not hit them before. It’s like a lesson for many: no doubt, the blow is hard, but you can break yourself. ”Dustin hit his leg off, and now Conor wanted to hit him back, but probably because he hit low kicks badly, he broke his leg himself.

It would be better if he did not deliver these blows. At first, we do not understand what is happening there, we do not feel what the fighter is feeling. I think there was already some problem there. That is, it started 100% from blows. It turns out that he got on his leg, and she broke.

In the picture, it’s tough. I looked at the photo – here the shin is broken, and this is such a long recovery. Most likely, these are knitting needles, the operation must be done. I don’t even want to talk about it. This is a scary topic. I can only wish McGregor health, so that he at least recovered to the state in which he was, “said Alexander Shlemenko in an interview with Alexander Lyutikov.

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