Alexander Kokorin may leave Fiorentina, Lamborghini footballer stopped in Moscow


Now fans are closely watching Euro 2020, so club affairs fade into the background. However, the news about the striker Alexandra Kokorin are still of great interest.

The verdict of Kokorin and Mamaev was recognized as legal, despite the complaint of the players. Later it became known that Spartak had paid a signature bonus to Alexander in the amount of € 4 million. Then the Savelovsky court of Moscow ordered four people, including Kokorin and Mamaev, to pay 200 thousand rubles in compensation to the beaten driver. Football news is now in the press.

Kokorin may leave Fiorentina

The closer the season starts, the more often fans are concerned about club affairs and transfers. A few days ago it was reported that Kokorin might leave Fiorentina. Several clubs from Russia and the Middle East are interested in the 30-year-old striker. The Italian club is ready to let go of Alexander, but for a certain amount.

The footballer himself sees himself in a Violet T-shirt next season. According to Violanews with reference to Corriere dello Sport, Kokorin intends to stay at the club and prove his worth. Alexander wants to give his best at the start of the next season. However, according to the source, the decision on the forward will be made by the new head coach. If Kokorin’s candidacy is not approved by a specialist, Fiorentina is ready to consider options for selling the Russian.

Fans of the Italian club consider the acquisition of Kokorin a failure and assure that he is not needed even in Russia.

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“Nobody needs him even in Russia.”

“If it were true. I think it’s worth checking out our transactions in the transfer market. Everything cannot be so useless, it smells like laundering “, – wrote a user under the nickname Tintyvi on the Fiorentina fan site.

“I think this is a plus.”, – reacted Mazinger z on the news of the possible departure of Kokorin.

Ghibellino viola: “No. Don’t touch Coco! “

D612V: “They are waiting for offers, but I’m still waiting for someone from the management to explain to us … Why did they buy Kokorin at all !?”

“How can you get a good offer if a player hasn’t played?” – Aliseo does not understand the interest in Kokorin from Russian clubs.

“Kokorin? And who is it?
“Kokorin? And who is it?” Do Italy know Russian players from Serie A

For six months, Kokorin’s club changed three coaches

When the striker came to Fiorentina, it was led by Cesare Prandelli. On March 23, the Italian specialist resigned, and Giuseppe Yachini became the new head coach, who returned to the post after resigning on November 9, 2020. Kokorin was recovering from injury and played under Giuseppe only 15 minutes in the match with Crotone. Yakini won two wins in 10 matches and left the club.

At the end of May, Fiorentina announced the appointment to the post of head coach Gennaro Gattuso… On June 17, the Italian coach unexpectedly left the team. According to media reports, the main reason was the conflict with the club’s management over the transfer policy.

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Now Fiorentina is close to appointing the head coach of Spice Vincenzo Italiano… Italian insider Gianluca Di Marzio reports that the specialist has arrived in Florence, where he will meet with the club’s management to settle the final details before signing a contract with the “violets”.

Three weeks ago, Italiano renewed the contract with Spice, so now it is necessary to pay a penalty of € 1 million. Fiorentina is determined to hire a specialist, and Vincenzo, according to media reports, no longer answers calls from the management of Spice.

In addition to Spice, Vincenzo worked in other, lesser known Italian clubs. As for his playing career, Italiano played for Verona for 11 years, and also played more than 50 matches in the shirt of Chievo and Padova. Now he will decide the fate of Kokorin in Italy.

Why did Kokorin have plastic surgery? Explains his personal masseur
Why did Kokorin have plastic surgery? Explains his personal masseur

The Lamborghini story

On June 26, in Moscow, in the area of ​​Patriarch’s Ponds, a yellow Lamborghini, bought by Alexander Kokorin, was stopped. The traffic police saw a bright car without license plates and decided to stop the driver. There was no football player behind the wheel. Law enforcers searched and found six license plates in the trunk.

It is reported that the footballer re-registered the car to his mother. The car was evacuated. But the owner may not return it, because Alexander canceled the registration in order not to pay fines, and drove it without insurance.
This news pissed off the fans of the “violets”, so they went hard on the player.

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“Kokorin’s grief: his Lamborghini was evacuated with six license plates in the trunk and without insurance. Thanks to Perda and Barona for bringing this abnormal to Florence. “

“What do I care what he does off the pitch?”

“We hope that he will go away and take away the incapable who brought him to Florence.”

Lore1697: “I hope they included some kind of waiver clause in the contract, or at least I would, if possible …”

Kitano: “Worse than Balotelli … What happened to us.”

batigol222: “Hahaha, what a show. What a tax if he even had six license plates in the trunk. This could happen to everyone. “

Daniele C: “Balotelli and Cassano are students compared to him.”

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