Alejandro Tabilo – Guillerme Clezar: Will the Brazilian win?



Alejandro Tabilo

Alejandro made pretty good progress this season. He finished 212th in the APR Tour. Tabilo decided to get away from the performance on clay courts. The representative of Chile decided to play hard. He did not do it in the best way, but it's still practice.

Tabilo plays offensively, which should help him reach his goals, but he still has to work on stability for a long time.

Guillerm Clezar

Guillerme still can not find his game. After a really high-quality match, he makes a lot of inaccuracies, which leads to very serious problems. At the present time it is worth noting that the Brazilian has problems with psychology.

He is in 318th place in the APR round. In the last match at Challenger in Guayaquil he lost to Yannick Hanfman. For him, the advantage is that he concentrates on appearances on clay courts.

Tennis players have never met


Tabilo decided to make an effort, but the Brazilian appeared on clay courts. There is a feeling that in the coming confrontation, all of this will play a crucial role. Klezar is currently the book's favorite, according to bookmakers. We will not argue about that. Guillerme has to use his "nailed" cover, forget past mistakes and focus on the most flawless actions in the backline.

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