Albert Duraev: “We all know that Shlemenko has problems with wrestling”


Former ACB champion in two weight categories Albert Duraev is confident that he will put up serious resistance to Alexander Shlemenko if they agree on a fight.

“There is absolutely nothing negative about Alexander. If we are talking about a fight, then I am ready to go out and show what level I am. We both fought with top fighters. But just say:” What will Albert give me? “… Albert will give anyone If someone doesn’t believe, you can try to look, so you don’t have to say such things.

I don’t ask what the fight with Shlemenko will give me. I know that a duel with him will give me money, as well as him. What will our battle give? If anyone is interested, let them take a look. He needs to give people a detailed answer. I’m interested in myself. I mean, what will I give him? I’ll at least give him a fight. Yes, I don’t have a million and a half Instagram followers, but as far as the fight is concerned, it will be. And Shlemenko understands this very well.

He is a drummer, and I fought both drummers and wrestlers, so no problem. We all know he has trouble fighting. Maybe he is not a fast drummer, but he hits hard, goes to the end. I can defeat anyone in a standing position or in a fight. So there are no problems with this, “said Albert Duraev in an interview with Igor Lazorin.

We will remind, Duraev also told how much he is ready to fight with Shlemenko.

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