«После спарринга с Деревянченко мной заинтересовался Андре Розье»

"After sparring with Derevyanchenko, Andre Rosier became interested in me"


The undefeated Kazakh professional boxer gave the Prosports.kz correspondent an exclusive interview in which he talked about sparring with Sergey Derevyanchenko, the reasons for the poor performance of Kanat Islam and life in the United States.

– Madiyar, welcome to Kazakhstan. How were you met at home?

– Thank you. We got to know each other after all Kazakh customs: music on the Dombra, with Baursaks and Koumiss. It was very beautiful

– How is your health? Nothing bothers you?

Thank God there are no injuries. The preparation for the last match was difficult, because before the fight my opponent changed three times. This two days before the fight completely refused to sign a contract for the fight. Luckily, an experienced Argentine boxer was found. I beat him down in the first round. In the fifth I defeated him early.

Madiyar was warmly welcomed home

– Madiyar, you said you want to fight only with top boxers next year.

Yes In a few weeks I will fly back to the US to start training for the next fight. If we talk about strong rivals, I had 14 fights in pros before. I have acted differently in all. Somewhere was an attacker and somewhere he played with rivals. Now I want to join a stronger opposition.

"You were preparing for the last fight in the hall of Freddy Roach." How did it happen?

– Yes, Muhammad Ali himself once trained in this famous hall. From modern boxing stars we know that Manny Pacquiao trains there. There are two halls: VIP and for guests. In the lower, which is VIP, known boxers train and there is sparring. Anyone can do it on the top floor. I did not train under the direction of Freddy, but his Filipino assistant. A big plus of the Wild Card Hall – there are many sparring partners. Because this room is located in downtown Los Angeles, many boxers come there.

Madiyar with a Filipino coach

– In the States are sparring partners paid?

– Yes that's right. For example, if I become world champion, nobody wants to play with me for nothing. And I have to pay them about $ 300-500. However, this only applies to champions. In evaluation battles we try to help each other and exchange experiences. I myself am always ready to fight for free with excellent boxers. But not everyone agrees because they fear that their boxer will be injured. There is no such thing in Kazakhstan. Since many of them are amateur boxers, they usually box for 3-4 rounds. Normally between 8 and 10 rounds are saved in the USA.

In part, this is the reason for the inconclusive performance of Kanat Islam in the fight against Kautondokwa. If Kanat was preparing for the US fight, everything would be different. There are no Kautondokwa sparring partners in Kazakhstan. That's why I moved to the States. I want to grow as a professional boxer.

– Who is your coach now?

– I made no concrete decision. But now I train under the guidance of the Filipino trainer Julian in the hall of Freddie Roach. There are also two physical training coaches.

I played with Sergei Derevyanchenko and I liked his coach Andre Rosier. He is a former coach of Danny Jacobs. Rosier is great at preparing tactics. In the future, I would like to practice under his guidance.

By the way, sparring with Derevyanchenko has proven to be excellent. You could say I looked better than him. Rosier noticed this and said, "If you train with me, you can beat champions like Mungui and Williams next year. We will choose the right tactics for you. "That means Andre Rosier himself is interested in me and invites me to New York, to make matters worse, I live in Los Angeles, I like the climate of California, it's warm there, and now I think about it, Rosier Los Angeles If a major fight is planned, I'll definitely try to call him.

– It turns out that you argued with Derevyanchenko on the eve of his fight with Golovkin?

– Yes that's right. They live in New York, but came to Los Angeles for sparring. They came to me and I agreed. I myself prepared for fight with the same assertive boxer as Derevyanchenko. He developed his skills and gained experience at the same time.

– You were not surprised by Derevyanchenko's performance in fight with Golovkin?

– Surprised. Since he punched with me in a very different way. As a result, I thought Golovkin would shut him off in 6-8 rounds. In the sparring I have exceeded him for speed reasons.

In the fight with Golovkin followed Sergei Rosier tactics. And he was able to show a great side, especially thanks to the coach settings.

– Do you find the result of the fight fair?

– Golovkin beat him down once, this counts as 10: 8. The first rounds went to Gennady, at the end of a few rounds took Derevyanchenko. Overall, it seems to me that Golovkin won 7-5 in rounds. Even if 6: 6, then Gennady was stronger again by the rainfall. But it is worth recognizing that Derevyanchenko has proved to be excellent. Boxing with Golovkin is well worth it. In any case, he increased his shares.

– What do you think about the Kanat Islam fight with Walter Kautondokwa?

– I saw this fight on TV. The rope had a broken arm. This is not visible from the side, but if you broke your arm, you can not beat it with a sick hand. Psychologically, one begins to think differently. All tactics crumble. It was obvious that Kanat was not ready for such a turn of events.

I think the main mistake here is that his hands were stuck wrong. It was necessary to find a good specialist. There are no such specialists in our country. When I box in Kazakhstan, I try to attract specialists from Russia myself. You have to be careful in this regard. If the tape is applied incorrectly, there is a risk of arm breakage. That happened to me often.

By the way, Kautondokwa noticed this and began to box aggressively. And in life, if someone sees your weak spot, he'll beat him. The last laps are remembered in boxing, and in them Kautondokwa looked better. The fight therefore triggered such a debate.

– I was in this fight and noticed that after the fifth round the rope sagged functionally. And his arm broke in the seventh round.

– It was obvious that the trainer for physical training was not doing his job. I think we do not have such specialists who could physically prepare our athletes for the fight. In terms of tactics, everything was fine: Kanat's championship was with him. He has talent and strength. He proved that more than once when he spoke at the Olympics for Astana Arlans. I think he was wrong in the coach. When a boxer starts to pull back and break away from the punches, it's a sign that he is getting tired. This is not a fault of a rope, but of the entire team: from the coach to the organizer.

– Maybe he should return to the first middleweight given his age?

– I think it's not an age. Even if you are forty, you look the same in every weight. This is about comfort. I am much heavier now than a middleweight boxer. I can also fight at middleweight. But I feel easier on the first average. I think that the Kanat Islam must also sink to the first average weight. In this weight, he also feels lighter. You must understand that Rope is a puncher. It's another thing to box in Mayweather style, but you see Kazakhstan boxers are different – ours love to get into a fight.

– On Qazaq Promotions' last boxing night you came to Almaty to box. This time you were gone. Offer not received?

– We did not agree with Qazaq Promotions. This time I did not want to come myself and there were no offers. Previously, Kanat Islam had called me, so I arrived.

– As far as I know, Egis Klimas has only two Kazakh boxers: you and Meyirim Nursultanov. What about the rest?

– I have no contract with Egis Klimas, there is only one male agreement. We have a good relationship with him. Then I invited our boxers here: Askhat Ualikhanov, Meyirim Nursultanov, Sagadat Rakhmankulov. As you know, everything is under contract in the US. But if you sign the papers, it will be hard to go anywhere and do something. They therefore decided to work together orally. But immediately agree with Egis, if there are defeats in the rating battles, then each of the parties can leave with a handshake. It turns out that Meirim and I are doing well without defeat and that Askhat and Sagadat have been defeated. Klimas told them that they could look for other promoters as he would not have time for them.

Madiyar with Aegis climates

What happened to Kanat Islam is unknown to me. Everything seemed fine, he even flew to Almaty for an evening of boxing. And in the last fight, Kanat turned back to Nelson Promotions. I do not even know why Islam stopped working with climates. You have to understand that the manager is the most important thing in professional boxing. He's like your lawyer, but a promoter can sell you anytime. Aegis has excellent connections to TV channels. I intend to become a manager in the future, so I am glad that I have such a manager now.

– What do you think, which of the Kazakh boxers are closest to the champion fight?

– Who is lucky? Meyirim Nursultanov is fine. Zhanibek Alimkhanuly, Daniyar Eleusinov … They all climb in the ranking. Suleimen Promotions is a great sponsor of Aydos Yerbosynula and Nursultan Janabaev. All of them are very close to the title fight.

In fact, everything depends on the finances. The PR campaign also plays an important role. If you're interested in TV channels, the battle for championship belts is easier.

– I heard that some of our boxers in Kazakhstan get paid 8-10 thousand dollars for a fight. How much do our boxers earn in the US?

– It seemed less to me. When I spoke here, I could say for myself that I fought for a penny. Here in the States we stand for 7-8 thousand dollars. This applies to rental apartments and meals. That's why we have to go into the ring every 4-5 months. Big money will be, but only in these cases when you box for championship belts. For this purpose, we train and train professionals.

– If you receive a conditional 8 thousand dollars, how much of this amount goes to taxes?

– For example, we sign a contract for a $ 8500 fight. Of these, 10% go to the trainer, 2% to the katmen, 3% to the trainer for physical training. If you spend 4 fights, 30% of the total cost will be taxed at the end of the year. It turns out that you should have money in stock. Usually 6-7 thousand dollars come out. In this respect, a little complicated.

– Many advertising companies have been active in Kazakhstan recently. How do you like the development of professional boxing in the country?

– Boxing is developing well in the country. We have many boxers. Take, for example, the championship of Kazakhstan, there take part more than 200 boxers, of which only 30 come to the national team. The rest stays "on the street". And among them, there are many talents who need to leave boxing and pursue another profession. Now they can become professionals, and our advertising companies will help them. Of course I want them to respect their clients as foreign advertising companies too. I've just heard from many that there are salary problems or they give too little money. They do not look at the preparations, all things are hung up on the boxer himself. The boxer should not have unnecessary thoughts, he should not seek money from the outside. He should train with just one thought – to become a champion.

It was my fourth year in the US and never had a problem with a promoter. I want our boxers to have it all. For this, every boxer needs a good manager, who demands everything from the organizer and protects the rights of the boxer. In this regard, we have problems, I think.

– In recent years, MMA has gained tremendous popularity, we can say in this regard that it is ahead of the boxing. What do you think about it?

– This is all sponsorship support. I personally do not care which of these sports is more popular. If the people of Kazakhstan are successful in each of them, I will be happy. In the United States, UFC is unrealistically more popular than boxing. Although they seem to have less money, they are ahead of the box when it comes to entertainment. What does the audience like? Blood and action. They also have a great interest in fistfights.

Madiyar with the legendary boxer Roy Jones

– Do you think Sergey Kovalev should end his career?

"I really respect him." He often shares his experiences, gives us useful tips. We trained together for two or three years. Kovalev has already proved everything to everyone. He received the biggest career fee in a fight with Alvarez, was longtime world champion. He has achieved everything in professionals. Now, I think, it's time to end my career.

– Can you pick out one of the young Kazakh boxers?

– Ali Akhmedov is a good middleweight boxer. Now it's like GGG Promotions. I think Sadriddin Akhmedov will go far. The main thing is that he takes care of his head. We have enough young, talented boxers.

– What is the future of amateur boxing?

– Amateur boxing has also become a business. This whole situation with AIBA … I think our boxers will shoot at the Tokyo Olympics. We have strong competition in every weight. I want to have justice in amateur boxing. Now the situation is not encouraging.

– And finally: Your 5 best Kazakh professional boxers.

– Judging by the rating, Gennady Golovkin is our best. Second is Kanat Islam. Batyr Dzhukembaev completes the first three places. Next come Meyirim Nursultanov, Aydos Yerbosynuli, Sadriddin Akhmedov, Ali Akhmedov and Daniyar Eleusinov.


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