A.J. McKee on the fight with Patricio Freire: “I will knock out his ass”


The undefeated British Featherweight title contender (65 kg) Bellator A.J. McKee (17-0) has announced that he will knock out the reigning champion, eminent Brazilian Patricio Freire (32-4), who will be the final of the organization’s Grand Prix.

The Pit Bull is a great counter-puncher, but now he has to face me, and this fight should have taken place long ago. Let’s see how things work out. He tried to ignore me, but now he has no choice.

I’ll knock his asshole. He’s an elite drummer, but I’m too big for him and this will be an insoluble problem. His plan is to bring me down to earth, but he won’t succeed. All these guys are trying to hack to death with me in exchange, but I have long arms, and sooner or later, I will catch him on my straight, ”said McKee.

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