35-year-old Ekaterina Bychkova announced her desire to resume her career


35-year-old Russian woman Ekaterina Bychkova announced a desire to resume her career.

“My return is not a momentary whim, but a balanced act. It happens, everything started to take shape by itself. You start moving step by step, you understand that you enjoy it. Recently there was a story. I trained with a young student of ex-tennis player Vesna Dolonts. to the next court Kolya Davydenko and asks: “Are you playing for yourself, or is it a comeback?” I say: “Kohl, what’s the difference to you?” Do you, like Vesnina, return only to a couple? “-” No, why a couple? It is not interesting to me. I want to play alone. “-” Well done. I wouldn’t force myself to train just like that. “But he played at a different level! It will sound pretentious, and it will seem that this is not Bychkova, but I really love tennis, I love to play. than from partying.

When I saw that for the start of the US Open last year they gave 61 thousand dollars, I thought that I could try for a year and a half to get there. Even one hit will already pay off the costs, but if you aim for more? I have already forgotten in five years what it is like when you earn currency. I used to live in a way that makes me comfortable. I don’t have the habit of throwing money down the drain, but living comfortably means that you always have a supply that you can use. Moreover, it is difficult without it when you have no desire to recycle. I can stand on the court and train for 10 hours a day, but then I quickly eat tennis. And I don’t want that “, – quotes Bychkova’s” Rating of Bookmakers “.


In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

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