«Зенит» - «Кузбасс»

Zenith – Kuzbass


05.03.19 20:30

The second of May was marked by a truly fabulous event – the Kemerovo Kuzbass arrives in Kazan and beats the reigning champion of Russia in the first match of the last series, so dry! Tears and confusion on the faces of the fans of both teams. Kuzbass shocked the entire volleyball community.

It is important to note that Zenit's last defeat was as dry as October 23, 2016, then away from Brazil and dry eight years ago. But Kuzbass was beaten 13 games in a row or 14 games in the Super League (more than 6 years in a row). In Kazan, the hosts have not lost in 13 matches, so the Kemerovo team could win only 3 (!) Games a game mastered so much – unbelievable.

But did the Kemerovo club really show something special? Not really Kuzbass played as usual: tough in defense, quality in attack and energetic on the court. The team's best player, Vitya Poletaev, showed big numbers in the attack – 63% with 2 aces and became the most productive in the team with 19 points. What the guests of the hosts actually beat, so it is the attack, which is surprising. Ngapet made the worst match of the season, Mikhailov was constantly knocking on the block, it seemed like the attackers were inconveniently attacking from the corridors, and these are already questions for the bunch. As a result, the Kuzbass gained the courage, and in the SL there is no more dangerous club than him when it lights up.

Today it will be a completely different game. Zenit will, as always, fix the bugs and will come out with a different motivation, because yesterday clearly did not play for the championship. Losing today – can mean the end of an era. Only one mood – to win. The guests managed to end the three-party meeting rather than tighten it up, so they will be ready to fight again for today's meeting.

I think the game will be fiery and you should bet on the total amount (you can take any) as well as a good coefficient for P1 + TB166.5 – 2.27.


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