What was missing Golovkin in the fighting with Kanelo?


Kazakh Gennady Golovkin (39-1-1, 35 KOs) Jonathon Banks gave the news portal Fino Boxing an interview in which he opposed the last two GGG fights the defending champion discussed WBA / WBC / IBF Mexican Saul "Canelo" Alvarez (51-1-2, 35 KOs) reports Prosports.kz.

The American mentor named what Golovkin lacked in these struggles and commented on the positive impact of Olympic boxing on the future of the fighters.

In September 2017, Golovkin and Alvarez made a draw, and a year later Kanelo won a second fight by decision.

– You called the two fights between Golovkin and Kanelo similar to the fights of Sugar Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns, and what was missing from the GGG to win in these two fights?

– I would like to return to my statement about the similarity of fighting. They were similar, how great they were. The best fighters of a division participated in these battles. I did not mean boxing styles. What was missing Golovkin? 50% of people say that GGG has won, and the other 50% say that Kanelo has won. It's hard to say what he missed. As far as I'm concerned, I'd like to see him react quickly and quickly to Canelo. I think that was missing. If a fast guy stands in front of you and you try to knock him out, you will never get him out. You just look damned good doing that. In the ninth round, your fans will shout in the hall, "Stop aiming with a single knockout punch, you keep smearing!" This is the only thing I would change. I said to GGG, "I understand that you like to do knock-outs, but I think you're better than just a puncher." He has many skills he can show to outclass and eliminate opponents, and not just to turn it off.

– People forget that he is an Olympian. That does not mean he's a techie, but you can combine his skills with something else …

– Of course, many people forget that the people who participated in the Olympics are special fighters, and we're not just talking about gold medal winners. There are people who were robbed in the Olympics and become great fighters. Take a look at Roy Jones and Floyd Mayweather. You can not remember the guys who lost them in the Olympics. Many Olympians become special fighters when they become professionals. Oscar de la Hoya is an example. He was a silver medalist, but had many talents that he could show to the public.

– The third fight with Kanelo is a fight that the fans ask for. Did you talk to Gennady about this fight? Have you discussed what he can add to you?

– I did not talk to him about it. How can we talk about Kanelo if we have another opponent? If you speak of someone else, you often can not win a fight with him because you will not overtake the next opponent.

"This is not the big drama show"

GGG and two other Kazakhs were suspended after the show in New York from the fighting

Rolls first commented on the fight with Golovkin


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