«Первый матч Сейдахмета за «Левски» вызвал истерию в Казахстане»

"The first game of Seidakhmet to" Levski "caused hysteria in Kazakhstan"


The Bulgarian release Blitz enthusiastically responded to the debut of young Kazakh striker Erkebulan Seadakhmet as part of Sofia Levski and focused on the marketing component rather than the sports component, reports Prosports.kz.

"Seydahmet's debut for Levski against Vereya caused hysteria in his country. Thousands of people were looking for a way to see the "blue" confrontation they won with a score of 4: 3. A young player, who came from Ufa, came in the 58th minute of the encounter on the field.

And here we praise the leadership of Levski for the foresight – worldwide take even the biggest Grandes players from countries that are not strong in football, but promotional interest. Chinese, Japanese, Korean. And after the official equipment and the characteristics of each team in the home of such a player are eaten as warm bread.

Well, in this case, Levski can say calmly that from the point of view of marketing, he began to act properly and gained sympathy and interest in Kazakhstan. In this country there is hardly a football fan who does not know what team Levski is, what country it is and so on.

Now is the time for the "Blues" to do something else – to find a way to sell T-shirts in Kazakhstan. Must use the moment and bring a blow to the market. It is not difficult, does not require much effort. Local broadcasters will try to buy packages of "blue" games that will benefit all of our football because of the sale of TV rights.

And if Seadakhmet shows that he really is such an incredible talent as he is represented, Levski must buy it back as soon as possible. This will create a large market outside Bulgaria, and a substantial amount of transfer can be made in the future if they succeed in properly developing the potential of Seydahmet, "the Bulgarian press wrote.

Prospects Bulgarian journalists draw rainbows. However, only the idea of ​​being able to redeem the transfer of Kazakh talent and the subsequent resale with higher costs can become reality. When it comes to selling T-shirts, the Kazakh market is not as big as it seems. And in case of a big demand, artisans from the Middle Kingdom will step in and the clothing markets in Kazakhstan will be filled with cheaper counterfeit products. The rights to television broadcasts are only acquired by the Kazakh channels if Yerkebulan receives a multi-year contract and occupies an "iron" place in the main team of Levski.


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