Sobolenko – Zidansek: What happens to Arina?


Arina Sobolenko

Arina is still in the top 10 in the world rankings as she did not have to defend many points in the upcoming and previous tournaments. Sobolenko plays a tough attack but has a significant regression in recent matches. With a lot of mistakes in his game there is no stability. After a really cool winner, there are some easy mistakes. In addition, the flow is no longer functioning at the right level.

Dmitry Tursunov is still trying to teach the most important Belorussians the ability to control their emotions. If this does not happen, he has to restructure himself and start to change something. Arina of the last five fights lost four.

On the ground she lost in the semifinals of the tournament in Strasbourg Dayan Yastremskoy. On Roland Garros she managed to defeat Dominika Tsibulkova, but lost to Amanda Anisimova. The grassy part of the season for Arina is still unsuccessful – a defeat of Destani Ayyavy and Se Shuwei in the format of three sets.

Tamara Zidanshek

Tamara rises in the ranking. She already occupies the 59th place in the ranking. Without transcendental physical data, she manages to act at the highest level thanks to her ability to control her emotions and to prepare herself.

Zidanshek keeps most games on the ground during his professional career. She managed to win the tournament in Bol, where she found the final with Sarah Sorribes-Tormo. It was the beginning of June. Tamara next prepared to speak on the lawn. She has almost no experience on this underground, but due to her ability to use cut slices, she has a good chance of succeeding.

At the beginning of the Eastbourne tournament Zidanshek beat Karla Suarez-Navarro (4: 6,7: 5,7: 5).

Tennis players have never met among themselves


Few people believe in Arina, but there is a feeling that their recession is mainly due to the fact that Tursunov tries to teach her to listen to pre-game preparation rather than just relying on her feelings and choices that you have during the games seem right. We assume that Tamara is not ready to stop the attacking power of a Belarusian tennis player. I play Arina's win with a handicap of -3.5.

F1 (-3.5) for 1.75


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