Сагатбек Мусаханов: На Али Ахмедова обиды нет

Sagatbek Musakhanov: There are no crimes against Ali Akhmedov


The correspondent from Prosports.kz spoke with one of the most sought-after coaches in Kazakhstan – Sagatbek Musakhanov.

During the conversation, Sagatbek told Okinbekovich which of his boxers are closest to the title fight, which he considers to be Ali Akhmedov's departure for another mentor, and valued Gennady Golovkin in DAZN.

– Sagatbek-aga, congratulations, all your players have won a boxing event in the Almaty Arena.

– Thank you. This evening of boxing will bring great benefits to the participants of the event. And to those who have just watched. The organization was at a good level, the competition is strong. Fighters high in world ranking have arrived.

For example, my station Nursultan Zhanabayev fought with a boxer who ranked 15th in the WBA rankings. The first round Nursultan worried us, but in the second he gave him no chance. Matute missed many punches, including the liver, and all gave up.

Sagatbek Musachanov and Nursultan Zhanabayev

– What did your boxers like the most?

– I have them – young people. Iskander Harsan holds the WBC Youth Title. I have high hopes in him. Diaz Tastemirov showed good boxing. In heavy weight he just begins his career Askhat Zhantursynov. The entire distance (six laps) was packed. In general, the services of their stations are happy.

– You said that Nursultan Zhanabaeva has a serious rival. You are not surprised that the fight lasted only a few laps?

– I thought that the battle will take the whole distance. But that's boxing. When the opponent hit his liver and a few on the head in the second round, it was very hard. Nursultan is a multi-hit and very tough fighter.

– What are the future plans for Zhanabayev? With each fight he rises in the world rankings.

– Suleimen Promotions invests a lot of money in our boxer. I think we'll have a few more battles this year. But right in the middle of the next we want to fight for the world title.

– Many of your boxers are progressing very well. Which is closest to the title fight?

– At this time, I think, Nursultan Zhanabayev is ready for the title fight. But I still have a station that is currently training with Gennady Golovkin – Ali Ahmedov. He showed great promise, but the change of coach plays a big role. If he had not decided to go to GGG Promotions, we would probably have already gone into title fights.

Ali Akhmedov and Sagatbek Musachanov

– Ruslan Madiev told me that Akhmedov's rivals weakened after joining GGG Promotions.

– When boxers encounter lower opponents, they become worse. Start losing what they could. Because there is no growth.

– Another boxer of yours – Ali Baloev. What do you think about him?

– Ali Baloev is a heavy boxer. Cruiserweight is full of very serious fighters. But we are careful. I think in the near future Ali will sign a contract with a good advertising company, and we will continue. He has potential.

– Is Iskander Harsan the same situation?

– You know, there are many offers. It all depends on the conditions. I do not want the guys to lose time and health. This must be approached very carefully. But I will help them in every way so that everything works out for them.

Sagatbek Musachanov and Iskander Harsan

– Boxing is well developed in Kazakhstan, but there are few boxing evenings. What do you think, what is the reason?

– To organize such big boxing evenings, you need a good financial investment. Of course, if people from the business elite would support professional boxing, I think there would be many boxing evenings. In addition, we have many good boxers who can enter the world arena.

I was in London, there are 150 people boxing at every weight. How many of our boxers throw boxes, because there is no way to show yourself!

In boxing, technique controls tactics, tactics control the nervous system, and society controls the nervous system. And society lives on you. Do you see? It is very important. That's why our businessmen should support boxers. Invest in money. The same finances will be returned to them because the boys, if they make it to the world stage, will make good money. Business people should consider boxers as a business.

– Ali Baloev and Iskander Harsan say that you are one of the best coaches in the world.

– I would not say that (laughs). There are many top coaches. I love boxing. Not for the sake of producing a great champion, the most important thing for me is educating good, decent people.

– I will return to Ali Ahmedov. You had no grudge that he had flown to Los Angeles?

– No offense. I love him This is my student, whom I have raised since I was six. Of course, something sad. I would always help him. Nobody knows him better than me.

– I have noticed more than once that boxers take boxers out one after the other. How are you

– (laughs) For example, the hardest part is getting four boxers to the top of the form in one day. But we think in advance, I consult with many experts. I work with psychologists, nutritionists and sports trainers. I learn every day – if you did not learn anything, then you did not live it for anything.

– rest how?

– It is very little time, but a lot of work. You know, work always gives progress. In the training cycle, I take many useful things with me. But I find a day or two for my family, grandchildren and children.

– Are you following the amateur boxing?

– Yes, I look. I bring up boxing champ Balaus Muzdiman. I plan to come to the Olympics later. You know, amateur boxing is different from professional. There are many covert games, politics. That's why I'm very upset about amateur boxing. Maybe it influenced my student Ali Akhmedov who stormed to Golovkin. Because they did not recognize him here, they did not want to promote him.

– There is a lot of talk about the exclusion of boxing from the Olympic Games program. Do you think that's possible?

– I do not think so. Boxing is not excluded from the Olympics. But adjustments in the management of amateur boxes AIBA. There will be people who will really solve the problems that have accumulated over the years.

– Not too long ago, the head of AIBA Gafur Rakhimov left his post. Who think you should take his place?

– I think that if Gafur Rakhimov remains the boss of AIBA, boxing would only benefit. Because this person has finances, many influential people who would really help with boxing. This sport always requires cash flow. It would be good for the people of Kazakhstan to remain Aschimov boss of AIBA. He also from Asia. Nobody would pinch or condemn our boxers. However, the Olympic Committee was against the appointment of Rakhimov. I do not know why.

– A few questions about Golovkin. How do you like his perspective after signing a contract with DAZN?

– Golovkin is a great boxer. He has achieved a lot. Gennady helped many Kazakhstani people to progress. Began to learn Kazakhstan. And when he signed a contract with DAZN, I was his backer. Because it's a new organization. There he will earn in one of the versions and be able to become a master. Absolutely I can not say, but according to one version he can become world champion again.

– There is a lot of talk about the third game Golovkin with Kanelo. Do you think Gennady needs this fight?

– In my opinion, genes are not necessary. I think so because all are the same age. And Kanelo is a progressive boxer.

"Your thoughts on Kanelo's fight with Jacobs?"

– I think the fight will not last the whole distance. Kanelo will win by a clear margin.

– As we know, Golovkin no longer has the championship harness. Who is the next Kazakh boxer to receive the title?

– I think that among the Kazakh boxers Nursultan Zhanabaev has the most chances.


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