Более 1000 непальских рабочих погибли, строя стадионы для ЧМ-2022

More than 1,000 Nepalese workers died in the construction of stadiums for the 2022 World Cup


The Nepalese government confirmed that according to stadiums.at.ua 1,400 Nepalese workers have died in the construction of football stadiums for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The documentary by WDR reports on the difficult situation of workers who live in terrible conditions and work on dangerous construction sites.

Ministry of Labor representative Narayan Ragmi said he knew nothing about the documentary, but confirmed the deaths of many Nepalis.

"It is a fact that over the years many Nepalese workers have died in Qatar." I currently have no information about the documentary. I can not tell you how many people died in Qatar. But the fact that many people have died in Qatar is true.

Since we send our workers to Qatar, some people have died. "I'm not sure if the number is 1,400, 200 or 300. I need to clarify this with the authorities who are directly involved with the problem," said Ragmi.

According to the Nepalese government, about 110 people were killed each year as a result of accidents and poor living conditions.

The families of the deceased workers were told by the WDR that they had received no compensation from Qatar. Barun Gimir, a human rights activist and lawyer from Nepal, said that employers in Qatar could not create working conditions to protect workers' health.

– It has been reported that many Nepalese workers have died as a result of construction work or stadiums in Qatar. We have tried to initiate proceedings against employers, but it is difficult to investigate because it is a broker chain dealing with the recruitment of workers, "said Gimir.

According to him, up to 1,300 Nepalese migrant workers were sent daily to places of work in the Persian Gulf, a significant part of which went to Qatar. He said that several dead migrant workers were sent daily to Nepal.

"I also found out that there are no proper documents for Nepalese workers, which makes it difficult to pin down the guilt of the company.

It is difficult to determine the accountability of companies involved in the preparation of the World Cup. The lack of transparency in the recruitment process allows companies to avoid litigation, Gimir added.


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