Прямая трансляция финала Лиги Наций Голландия – Португалия 

Live broadcast of the Final of the League of Nations Holland – Portugal


As part of the League of Nations Final, there will be a match between the Dutch and Portuguese national teams today, Prosports.kz reports.

The Dutch left the "death group", left the French and the Germans behind and were in the last part of the new tournament. Afterwards, the English defeated in the 120-minute dramatic fight 3: 1.

The Portuguese left the group without losing a single game against Italy and Poland. It is noteworthy that the "European Brazilians" won and drew in the two-game classification. In addition, Cristiano and Co. were able to defeat Switzerland, where Ronaldo designed a hat-trick.

We add that the passions mean a fight for the "Golden Ball". As always, Cristiano Ronaldo claims all the gold that shines. The defender of Liverpool, Virgil Van Dyck, has come through a brilliant season in his career, winning the Champions League, not beating the Reds in 64 games and trying to force two giants into the fight for the title of best football, as Luka Modric had done the year before.

The live broadcast of the finals will take place on the night of June 9th to June 10th at 0:35 pm Sultan time only. You can see on the channel QazSport.


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