«Кайсар» — «Тобол»: Прогноз от экспертов

Kaysar – Tobol: Experts' forecast



Kaisar is currently in bad shape. The Wards Stoicho Mladenov occupy the sixth row of the championship with 40 points in the piggy bank. They managed to break away from the pursuer by two points. The last four games "Steppenwolfe" lost against "Atyrau" (0: 1), "Irtysch" (1: 2), "Astana" (0: 3) and "Kairat" (0: 1).

Tigran Barseghyan scored 11 goals and became top scorer of the team.


"Tobol" shows a good game, which is why it is among the top four with 59 points. Only in additional indicators does Ordabasy lag behind. On the way, Nurbol Zhumaskaliev's side were weaker in three bouts against Kairat (0-2), Kaisar (1-5) and Astana (1-2).

The top scorer is midfielder Azat Nurgaliyev with nine goals and six assists.


"Tobol" away won ten out of 15 games. Kaisar on his territory was only three times stronger. Kaisar loses four games in a row.


The "Steppe Wolves" currently have an unsuccessful series of four consecutive defeats. "Tobolts" away won ten games, which is the best indicator for the league. We recommend that you bet on the victory of "Tobol", as the tournament motivation clearly gives the favorite strength.

Our forecast is the victory of "Tobol" for 2.19.

Bets are placed on the line of BC FINBET.KZ


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