Kanat Islam: Already ready to fight with Andrade


The undefeated Kazakh professional boxer Kanat Islam (25-0, 20KO) reported in an interview with Prosports.kz on his injury, the next fight, the change of division and made a prediction for the Golovkin Rolls match.

– Because of the injury I had a hard time in my life. Thank goodness, now everything is fine with your health. I believe that many great victories lie ahead. I have been training hard for the past four months. Everything is going as planned.

– Normally boxers perform after prolonged absence in the ring first warm-up bouts. They want to meet in the next match with a boxer from the TOP 10 of the WBO classification. Taking the risk …

– All boxing is a risk. Without that in any way. After all, time is ticking. We all thought carefully about the team and decided to take this step. That's a sport. In boxing, you do not know until the last time whether you won or not until you finally lift your hand. That's why I believe in my strength. I need such struggles.

– Your manager Egis Klimas is one of the best in the world. Did you consult with him?

– Basically, he was worried about my injury. Aegis always supports me in my decisions.

– Is he coming to your boxing evening in Almaty?

– Yes absolutely. After all, two of his boxers will come in the ring besides me: Madiyar Ashkeev and Abylayhan Khusainov. He also wants to see the local talent with his own eyes.

– You said that your opponent should be someone from the TOP 10 WBO leaderboard. Can you find out with which opponents you are negotiating?

– With Gabriel Rosado. This is the one who fought Golovkin. Negotiations with James Kirkland are also underway.

– You had talks with him earlier?

– Yes that's right. We negotiated with him, but in the end the contract was not signed. Six months ago, he announced his return to the ring. It is possible that we meet with him.

– Be your will, with whom would you duel?

– With all middleweight champions. I boxed in amateurs weighing up to 75 kg, so I think I should not have any problems in the middle class. That's why I'm ready to fight anyone who fights in this weight category. With the same Kanelo. Why not? He is also a man.

– As far as I know, you want to move along the WBO line, and in this organization, Demetrius Andrade is the middleweight champion. Is your fight with him possible?

– Andrade participated in the Beijing Olympics. I lost to a boxer from Korea, who then lost to Bakyt Sarsekbaev, if I'm not mistaken. That's because Demetrius could not win a medal at the Olympics. He comes from the amateur boxing. He was well upset, but it's no surprise. I do not think he's much superior to me.

– Are you ready to fight with him now?

– Yes of course.

– And the last question: What do you think about the fight between Golovkin and Rolls?

– I am very glad that Golovkin returns to the ring. I want him to wish good luck in the upcoming battle. When we talk about the prediction, I think the fight will not last every 12 rounds. Maybe Golovkin will stop him before lap 6.

Bear in mind that Kanat Islam will fight its next battle in Almaty on July 5 in the sports palace named after Baluan Sholak.


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