Хорхе Масвидаль - Нейт Диас. Факты боя

Jorge Masvidal – Nate Diaz. Fight facts


Jorge Masvidal – Nate Diaz
Mixed Martial Arts. UFC

Jorge Masivdal – 3rd place welterweight (up to 77 kg).

Jorge – 34 years old, height – 180 cm, arm span – 188 cm, leg span – 100 cm.

Record – 34 victories (17 victories after decision of the judges) and 13 defeats.

Masvidal played 17 fights in the UFC and scored 11 wins.

In the last fight Ben Askren struck the match 5 seconds after the start of the fight – the fastest UFC knockout.

Jorge adds an average of 4.11 hits per minute, the accuracy is 48%, 62% of the blows go into the head of the opponent. The average time in the octagon is 12 minutes 58 seconds.

Nate Diaz – 7th place welterweight (up to 77 kg).

Nate is 34 years old, height 185 cm, arm span 193 cm, leg span 97 cm.

Record – 21 wins (12 wins from stifling / painful tricks) and 11 defeats.

In December 2012, he fought against Benson Henderson for the lightweight championship title (up to 70 kg). Lost by unanimous decision.

The featherweight champion in March 2016 defeated Conor Magregor by stifling in the second round and replacing the injured Rafael Dos Agnos. Six months later, the Irish lost their revenge by unanimous decision.

After three years absence in the octagon, he defeated Anthony Pettis in August 2019 by a decision of the judges.

The American adds on average 4.64 beats per minute, the accuracy is 44%, 75% of the blows are in the head of the opponent. The average time in the octagon is 10 minutes 55 seconds.

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