Исмагулов: Хочу получить в соперники серьезного бойца

Ismagulov: I want to get a serious fighter to the rivals


Youtube channel "Vestnik MMA" interviewed an ethnic Kazakh from Russia Damir Ismagulov, who won a second consecutive win in the UFC on Saturday, reports Prosports.kz.

Former lightweight world champion M-1 (70 kg) at the UFC Fight Night 145 tournament in the Czech Republic met with company debut Joel Alvarez. The fight lasted every three rounds and ended with the victory of Ismagulov by the decision of the judges. As it turned out later, Ismagulov broke his arm during the fight and was taken to the hospital after the fight. Later the fighter told about injuries and future plans.

"When I was taken to the hospital, I did not know what was going on, and there was a sense of dissatisfaction. After talking with the team, I understand that a victory is a victory. Very happy that I won. We move on. In fact, one arm was broken – a small bone broke off. My arm and elbows were already swollen in the third lap. The coach began to worry, saying that you have to slow down. I had to improvise so as not to aggravate the injury. Injuries are common in our sport. Injured hand before the fight in training camp. It began to swell after the first round, but withdrawal from the battle was out of the question. I knew that I would fight to the end. I notice that there are no weak and passing rivals in the UFC.

The rival was also charged. I punched him several times, but he kept the punch, even though he was swimming a bit. They prepared for the fact that I would fight, but I prepared for the fight in the pose. If someone says I did not quit the fight prematurely, it's not because I did not want it. In this fight I wanted to take a risk and show a good, entertaining and high-quality fight, but the opponent did not allow it. Alvarez did not go to me, waited.

The support was enormous and very powerful. Many of my friends and coaches flew to Prague. I'm happy about her support – she helped me emotionally in this battle. I understood that I was not alone here. "

Damir also said if he will appear at the tournament in St. Petersburg this April.

"I think this question should be asked to my manager. I do not know yet when the injury will heal. I really wanted to perform in St. Petersburg, everything will be clear in the next few weeks. I am hungry for victories and I want to show bright fights. Yes, it turns out to win in a dominant way, but the rivals have just started playing in the UFC. I would like to get a more serious fighter. I have seen that Rustam Habilov had a serious opponent (Carlo Diego Ferreira – author). I am ready to share a cage with him. I'm looking forward to every opponent. Enough newcomers. I would like to thank those who support me. My team and I move on. We will try to take confident steps and show bright struggles. "

Manager Ismagulova Sayat Abdrakhmanov answered the question about the future plans of his client

"I think it's too early to talk about rivals. We have to look at the condition of Damir. Do not get upset If there are interesting offers from the UFC, why not? This decision is definitely not made today. Joe Duffy refused to fight Dameer for the first time so I do not know if he will agree to the second time. "



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