«Проигрывал Антонио Тарверу и тренировал Владимира Кличко»

"I lost to Antonio Tarver and trained Wladimir Klitschko"


The Kazakh professional boxer Gennady Golovkin announced the name of the new head coach. They were the former IBO heavyweight world champion, the American Jonathan Banks.

Jonathan was a good boxer. Like many professionals, he started his amateur career. In addition, he was quite successful with amateurs – he was three times the semi-heavyweight champion of the United States.

He began his professional career in 2004. Before the first title fight he made a good record. In 2007 he won the first WBO NABO regional title in the first heavyweight title and defeated the Mexican Gustavo Enriquez in Germany. A year later he was in the title fight with the Italian Vincenzo Rozitto for the IBO belt. This meeting also ended with a victory for the American boxer. In the next battle his opponent became the outstanding Pole Tomasz Adamek. In the unification match Banks suffered his first defeat, which he lost by a technical knockout against his opponent.

Then Jonathan rose to the super heavyweight, where he even won the World Cup belt of WBO NABO and WBC International. In 2012, he defeated his compatriot Seth Mitchell in Atlantic City by technical knockout. A year later, he lost him by decision of the judges and suffered a second defeat in his career. In the last fight of his career he met the famous compatriot Antonio Tarver. Jonathan has lost again, this time due to a knockout. Banks then ended his career and decided to focus on coaching.

However, Jonathan began coaching when he was still a boxer. After the death of Emmanuel Steward made Wladimir Klitschko Banks his coach. The choice of the Ukrainian boxer on Jonathan was not in vain because he was a steward assistant. Klitschko Jr. and Banks have been working together for several years. He also trained the British Dillian White, but they did not work long.

In the coaching sector, banks have generally not reached high levels. Nevertheless, the dominance of Klitschko is largely due to Emmanuel Steward. Maybe Jonathan will show up with Gennady Golovkin.

If you believe Banks words, he wants to return the attacking boxing style to Kazakhstan:

"Now we are working in the ring on his activity to make it more active. This is our current goal at the moment. Throw more punches, be more active, exhaust the opponent not just with single punches, but with the number of strokes. In my opinion, if a boxer progresses, if he has a strong punch and hits a lot, the opponent reacts quite differently. The rival can nowhere find a chance to rest, he can rest only in the break between rounds. It's so uncomfortable to fight for an opponent. Of course, I think I can add something to his boxing to make him look better, so the fight follows his script. I like action. I want him to be more active. "

Golovkin said again that he wanted to know with Jonathan Banks "many new things":

"I think I'll have the same chemistry with Banks as with Sanchez. I see how Jonathon looks at certain things, and I want to know it, feel it on me. I do not think that I lost to Alvarez or something was wrong with Sanchez, just as I said, I want to get to know the other side of the coin. Banks does not rely on violent strikes, he makes me box more. I do not want to talk bad about Abel, but with Jonathon we started doing things I had never done before. "

We hope Banks can become the coach that really makes Golovkin better and stronger. It is never too late to learn, even with 37 years you can improve. Abel Sanchez was the one who placed Gennady in the States. But boxing does not stand still, you have to keep moving forward. The last fights have shown that Sanchez Golovkin will not teach anything new. But can Jonathan Banks do that? We learn very soon.

Recall that Golovkin will host his next fight against Canadian Steve Rolls in New York on June 8th.


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