Борец греко-римского стиля и ММА избил карагандинца

Greco-Roman wrestler and MMA beat Karaganda


A professional athlete from Greco-Roman Wrestling and the MMA is suspected of having been beaten in a car wash by a Karaganda resident in an insulator.

"They just closed it in the cell. We were officially told that he was now in a temporary detention center, "said Kanat Turgunbayev, the victim's brother.

The athlete was taken to the detention center in accordance with Article 128 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

It is known that the suspect provides physical security and protection of housing. The car wash conflict occurred so that the car could be washed first. This car wash is self-service: The drivers wash the vehicles in a special box.

The victim washed the car when a suspect approached him and asked him to give him the opportunity to wash his vehicle first. He refused. A skirmish began in which the suspect slammed his fist into the face of a car owner.

"Now my brother has partially lost his sight. Doctors make a disappointing prognosis. There is a high probability that a brother loses his sight, "said the victim's brother.

The Karaganda Police Department press service confirmed that the case of a car wash conflict under Article 293 (1) of the Hooligans Judicial Code is under investigation.


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