Геннадий Головкин подписал многомиллионный контракт с DAZN

Gennady Golovkin has signed a multi-million dollar contract with DAZN


Former world middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin has finally signed a contract with the DAZN streaming service, reports Prosports.kz.

FOX Sports journalist Mike Coppinger has reported signing an agreement between the media giant and GGG.

"Urgent news. Gennady Golovkin signed a deal with DAZN over six bouts Thursday morning. For each fight the boxer receives an eight-figure amount. According to sources, the GGG will fight twice a year. Officially, this will be reported on Monday at a Los Angeles press conference. He will fight in June, "said Coppinger.

According to Coppinger, the British organizer Eddie Hearn played a major role in signing the contract. The journalist added that the GGG would not fight under the funding of Hearn and continue to work on GGG promotions.

We added that Golovkin lost the championship title in a 12-round battle against Saul Alvarez last September. Since then, a boxer from Kazakhstan has not come in the ring. Perhaps the deal with DAZN will allow Golovkin to hold the third game against the Mexican boxer.

It should be recalled that the world middleweight champion, Saul Alvarez, had signed a contract with the company DAZN over 365 million US dollars at the end of last year. Kanelo has to fight eleven in five years.

BREAK: Generic: Golovkin: The deal will be officially announced today. He will fight in June

– Mike Coppinger (@MikeCoppinger) March 8, 2019


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