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On the morning of June 9, a professional boxing evening under the direction of former world middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin will take place at the legendary Madison Square Garden Arena in New York. In recent months, a series of inconspicuous events have occurred in the life of Gennady Golovkin. remembers the brightest events.

October 2 Return home

Golovkin traditionally visits Kazakhstan after fighting in the USA. GGG flew to Karaganda to see his family and friends. During the visit, the boxer visited the local sports complex, where he met with the children. The next day, Golovkin went to the capital to attend Barys' hockey game – CSKA, which caused quite a stir. Boxer thanked all fans for their support.

the 20th of October. Meeting with the UEFA President

At a meeting with Alexander Cheferin Golovkin handed him boxing gloves with a national ornament.

"I am pleased to meet Alexander Cheferin. It turned out that the UEFA President is a great boxing fan. I am very pleased to meet you ", – signed a joint photo of the GGG.

30th of November. Meeting with Messi

At the end of November last year, GGG visited Barcelona, ​​where he met with striker Lionel Messi. During the meeting, Golovkin presented his signed gloves to the attacker of Argentina. Both athletes are ambassadors of the Finney brand.

18th of January. Replenishment in the family

2019 started for a boxer with a happy event – Golovkin had a son. The Golovkin family is already raising a son, Vadim, who was born in 2009, and a daughter whose name is kept secret.

January 23rd. WBC Award

The World Boxing Council announced last year's winners in various categories at the beginning of the year. Golovkin received the award "The Best Event of 2018" for the second fight with Saul Alvarez.

8th of March. DAZN Treaty

The fans did not know about the next steps of the GGG. Finally, the former champion broke the silence on March 8, announcing a deal with DAZN. The streaming service hurricane entered the world of boxing earlier this year and signed an unimaginable contract with Saul Alvarez. Experts believed that the company and Golovkin would sign. And so it happened – the boxer signed a three-year contract for six fights. According to Western media, the order volume has exceeded well over $ 100 million.

"I'm back! I'm excited to start the next chapter of my DAZN career and consolidate my heritage," said Gennady.

March 13 ESPN rating

A week later, the boxer joined the hundred most popular athletes in the world. Golovkin is ranked 78th in the rating of the ESPN channel. The American Deontey Wilder (34) was ranked highest in this list. Saul Alvarez is in 68th position.

April 25th. Goodbye, Abel Sanchez

At the end of last month Golovkin announced the termination of work with Mexican coach Abel Sánchez, with whom Gennady has worked since 2010. In 9 years of joint work Golovkin scored 20 wins, suffered a defeat and fought a draw.

"I would like to announce an important decision that I have made for myself and my career. I still have to improve, based on what I've already achieved. So I decided to change the coach. It was a difficult decision that was not related to his professional qualities. He is a good coach, a supporter, a coach from the Hall of Fame, "said GGG.

May 4th. Hello Jonathan Banks

After deciding to leave the coach, the fans waited for the boxer to announce the name of the new mentor. Instead of famous and experienced specialists Golovkin decided for Jonathan Banks, who began his coaching activities until 2012.

"I would like to introduce my new coach Jonathan Banks. I am confident that our cooperation will soon bear fruit, "said GGG confidently.

5th of May. Visited the Battle of Saul Alvares

On the morning of May 5, in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the T-Mobile Arena, the world champion met in two weight classes with Saul Alvarez and Daniel Jacobs. Among the spectators of this battle an interesting guest was noticed – Gennady Golovkin. With his appearance, the GGG has further aroused interest in the potential third battle against Alvarez this year. Boxing contracts with DAZN can help.

June 9 duel against Steve Rolls

On the morning of June 9, Golovkin returns to the ring in the arena of Madison Square Garden after hitting Canadian Steve Rolls. The result of the upcoming fight will directly affect the future of GGG and the opportunity to meet with Kanelo.

Who is Steve Rolls?

Preview Battle Golovkin – Rolls

Who transfers the fight Golovkin – Rolls

GGG conflicts

Photo: Personal Instagram account of Gennady Golovkin


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