Фируза Шарипова не проведет бой в Алматы

Firuza Sharipova will not fight in Almaty


World Champion in professional boxing Firuza Sharipova will not hold a duel on a boxing evening in Almaty on March 24, Prosports.kz reports in the press service of the Firuza Sharipova Boxing Foundation.

"We gave the organizers of a boxing evening in Almaty on March 24 an official proposal to keep my fight for three world champions: WBO, IBF and IBO in the third weight class for me. But Suleimen Boxing Promotions is unwilling to fund my fight at this event, even though we have offered to sign a contract with them, and I was prepared to perform under the auspices of their company.

I wanted to give Nursultan Abishevich a belt of the WBO World Champion who had never been in our country before. It is a pity that this is not possible in the current month. Is there really no entrepreneur in Kazakhstan willing to spend 150 to 200 thousand dollars on such an event? Finally, I even agree to box without charge to allow fans and new achievements for all of Kazakhstan a real vacation. Once we have found the funding, I will win all the important titles! "- wrote the athlete on her Instagram.


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