Обматерил Суркисов, получил в морду, привел на разборки «Нарика»

Cursed Surkisov, getting in the face, brought to the showdown "Narika"


An unpleasant incident involving high-ranking representatives of the country occurred during the match of the Euro 2020 qualifying round between Ukraine and Portugal, reports Prosports.kz.

The other day, "yellow-blakitnye" won a brilliant victory over the current European champions from Portugal and secured a ticket for the final part of the continental championship ahead of schedule. During the game, the passions boiled not only in the field of the NSC Olimpiysky, but also on the crowded stands of the Kiev stadium or rather in the VIP box of the capital.

According to Prosports.kz, the chairman of the Ukrainian footballers union Oleg Pecherny, the president of the Ukrainian Football Federation (UAF) Andriy Pavelko, has allowed unacceptable freedoms Dynamo Kiev – Prosports.kz approximately ", the former prime minister of the country Valery Pustovoitenko. For some reason, I tried to drive her out of the VIP box, but got a decent answer in the face. But Pavelko did not calm down and returned to continue the showdown with a criminal authority nicknamed Narik.

Only the police could end the conflict, but the information reached the president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. Pavelko had to call him, apologize and apologize. Now this unpleasant story is certainly covered up. But Igor and Grigory Surkis will probably not forget everything, "Pecherny said.

By the way, Andrei Pavelko is not the first who gets into scandalous situations. On May 26, 2018, the final of the UEFA Champions League took place in Kiev at the Olympic Stadium. Shortly before this event, the European Cup of winners of the tournament was brought to the capital of Ukraine. Then Andrei Pavelko's stepdaughter Lisa Chaus posted challenging photos in his "Instagram" with a trophy of honor.

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According to the UEFA rules, the Champions Cup must be kept under surveillance and transferred only to the officials responsible for organizing the matches. After the outbreak of the scandal, the photos and the Lisa Chaus account were deleted, but the screenshots became one of the most discussed topics in Ukrainian social media segments. On the same day, photos appeared on the Internet, in which other relatives of Pavelko were photographed with a trophy, including his matchmaker Alexander Petrovsky – the same Narik.


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