Avangard – CSKA


Avangard – CSKA

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19.04.2013 22:30 clock

Already the fourth game of the last series of the Gagarin Cup – CSKA is about to win the coveted trophy and leads with 3: 0. Exactly one week ago I made a prediction for the first game of the series and assumed an outbreak of 4 goals , My prediction is more than fulfilled – the "Army men" were stronger – 5: 2. Since then, the pucks in this confrontation were in a wild deficit – only 5 goals for 2 games, with the first washing machines in each subsequent game only in the third half and the next in an empty net (3 out of 5). It is also worth noting that in the last two games only the names of the players of the Moscow club flash on the scoreboard while the Omsk players are silent. Such "impotence" "hawks" in the attack do not contribute to victories.

Although the Avangard series has achieved an outstanding majority before the start of the series – more than 30%, a brilliant attacking game, an active front check in the opponent's zone. However, with CSKA, these trumps are virtually non-functional: in the first game, Bob Hartley's stations started angrily and quickly scored two goals. Eventually the game turned out to be spectacular and productive, but then Avangard played tougher in the defense and did not allow many to "In his zone and this affected the attacking potential of Omsk – 0 goals for 2 games. In addition, Igor Nikitin's allegations are very little removed – just three strokes in the last two games, and Ilya Sorokin only pulled out a rubber shell twice in that series when CSKA was a minority. That is, the Omsk Club to reach the gate, you have to earn the move and implement it. Therefore, it is necessary to play more actively, to find some non-standard moves that force the "army men" to make mistakes. In this context, I propose to put on a total of (4) more, since Avangard can not retreat anywhere, you have to win here and now – there are no more chances to correct the situation. And you have to take risks for that. Therefore, the inhabitants of Omsk will give themselves into the hands – they will burst because they create moments. There are only a few, and if the Hawk player gets a good chance to beat himself then he has to overcome CSKA's defense, and his powers are not enough. Both Muscovites use Omsk errors due to the risk of attack. Whims and Co. are already creating and giving them the freedom – they use it to score goals, as in the first game of the last series.

I suppose that after being flown with swords, they will either be able to break this "army wall" or they will get it completely. Therefore, the use of Total (4) is more optimal.

TB (4) for 1.8


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