АСА 102: проверка на прочность

ASA 102: strength test


On November 29, Almaty organizes the ACA 102 tournament in the Ice Palace of the Almaty Arena. Prosports.kz presents a preview of the upcoming event.

Early card

Altynbek Dumanuly – Kanat Keldibekov

In the first tackle of the early card, the Kazakh fighter Altynbek Dumanuly approaches 4: 1. A fighter from Kazakhstan debuted at MMA in May 2017 when he played at Plazza FC 4. In the last two and a half years, the fighter has spent four fights, achieving a clean record of 4-0. For Dumanula, the upcoming bantamweight bout (62 kg) will be his debut under the wing of the ACA. The rival of the fighter will be Kanat Keldibekov (12-4) from Kyrgyzstan. The latter has extensive experience. Keldibekov started his career in 2015 with a record 12: 4 and was last in October of this year in the ACA 100: Fight Day tournament in the octagon. The fighter did not take a long break and agreed to fight at short notice. If successful, Altynbek can get a contract with the Russian doctorate.

Interesting facts before the ACA 102 tournament

Fanil Rafikov – Ivan Zhvirblya

The featherweight (66 kg) is played by Kazakhstan Fanil Rafikov (15-3). The fighter began his career in 2014 after spending seven fights in the first year. Since then he has slowed down his career and took a long break from December 2017 to January this year. In the first battle after a break, Rafikov was defeated by the decision of the judges and lost to Alikhan Suleymanov from Russia. In August of this year, the fighter returned to the octagon again, but also the ACA 98: Fight Day tournament was unsuccessful for Rafikov – Fanil lost in the second round by KO against Andrei Goncharov. Two defeats in a row seriously undermined the position of the Kazakh fighter in the enterprise, and the 102nd tournament will be decisive for the further career of the fighter in the promotion. This time Ivan Zhvirblea (6-3) from Belarus, who also suffered an early defeat in the last game, will be a Kazakh rival. For both fighters the tournament is extremely important – the loser can point to the door.

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Goit Dazaev – Altynbek Mamashev

World Champion welterweight (77 kg) is a promising fighter of the club "Erkin Kush" Goit Dazaev (9-1). A 28-year-old Aktobe fighter has been a member of the MMA since 2013, but Dazaev has received really good impulses in recent years. Last May, the fighter lost by knockout against Murad Abdulaev, but later completed the defeat with two confident Victoria in a row. The last time a fighter entered the ridge in June this year, Alexander Butenko, the former M-1 Global Lightweight Champion, defeated the M-1 Challenge 102. The victory over the former master of the company should strengthen Dazaev's position in the Russian promotion, but the matchmakers of the company had the fighter wait for the next match.

Goit Dazaev: ASA is a new, powerful audience for me

In such a situation, the athlete decided to debut at the ACA given the more favorable conditions. Altynbek Mamashev (13: 0) from Kyrgyzstan will be no less experienced against him in Almaty. And for that and another, the upcoming fight will be the first under the auspices of the ACA, and the winner will receive one hundred percent contract with the company.

Yerzhan Yestanov – Hussein Shaikhayev

Bantamweight (62 kg) will give Kazakhstan Yerzhan Yestanov (16-8) his debut. A longtime veteran of the Kazakh MMA appeared at featherweight (66 kg), but decided on the eve of ACA 102 to test himself in the new division and achieve the lowest weight. The upcoming tournament can not be called an ACA debut for Estanov, but will take place many years later. In 2015, the fighter managed to reach a 1-1 record at ACB, which was later converted to ACA. In recent years, Arlan has been involved in many promotions, from Alash Pride to UAE Warriors 6 in Abu Dhabi. It was within the last promotion that the fighter held his last fight in May of this year, which was not in favor of the Kazakhs.

Daniyar Kaskarauov: At ACA 102 fighters are waiting for serious challenges

His rival in the new league will be the unbeaten Russian Hussein Shaikhayev (8-0). Shaikhayev began his career at age 19 when he debuted at ACB 34 in 2016. The last time a fighter entered the octagon at ACA 100: Fight Day in Grozny in October this year. Despite the short gap between the tournaments, the fighter agreed to fight in Almaty. For Yerzhan Yestanov, the upcoming fight is a test, as 22-year-old Shaikhayev has all the skills to overtake his opponent on the way to the title race in the ACA, but Yestanov has plenty of experience to stop the Russian fighter's attack.

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Nursultan Kasymkhanov – Alexander Peduson

At featherweight (66 kg), Alash Pride fighter Nursultan Kasymkhanov (8-2) returns to the octagon. Recently, a Kazakh fighter was not active in the octagon. In April of last year, Kasymkhanov made his ACB debut with a defeat and a year later he ended the defeat by defeating Sanderson Santos of Brazil at the Alash Pride tournament. The Brazilian Augusto Mendes (6-3) had first to face the fighter, who retired due to injury from the race. The replacement will be experienced Russian Alexander Peduson (12-3). The latter returns to the octagon after one year of inactivity. In November last year, Peduson lost featherweight against Alexei Polpudnikov, who is known to the Kazakh public in a trilogy with Arman Ospanov. In case of victory Kasymkhanov can strengthen his position in the company and have the opportunity to sign a new contract.

Alexey Yatsenko: We focus on industry leaders

Chessmaral Jetpis – Rogers Souza

Kazakstan's Shakhmaral Jetpisov unexpectedly returns to the business for many (9: 3). At one point, the heavyweight career seemed to end, but it seems that Shahan returns with title ambitions. The colorful fighter started his career back in 2011 and entered the octagon for the last time in April 2018. In the same year the athlete was about to participate in the UFC's The Ultimate Fighter show, but the fighter failed to get the coveted visa and he had to retire from the show. But with a possible win, Jetpisov could sign a contract with an American company, but that's already in the past. Rival Kazakhstan on the 29th will be Rogers Souza (9-2) from Brazil. In January of this year, the Brazilian made his debut with a defeat in the ACA and then lost the TKO -48 tournament. In August, Souza made it into the winning streak by winning the fight in the M-1 Challenge 103 with the company. At the moment, this is more likely to be the athlete's next return without any claims to future benefits.

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main card

Ermek Tlauov – Venus Galiev

In the third duel of the main card, MMA veteran in Kazakhstan will perform Ermek Tlauov (15-5). One of the best grapplers in the country will test its strength against the experienced Venus Galiev (30-11) from Russia. After a long break, Tlauov also returned to the octagon – the last time an athlete fought in March this year, when he strangled Ivan Zhvirblyu at a tournament in Taraz.


In the main fight of the evening, the middleweight champion Salam Abdurakhmanov (12: 1) with Valery Myasnikov (14: 1) will defend the belt against the challenger.

In the main fight of the evening, the former UFC fighter and now the ACA welterweight champion Albert Tumenov (21-4) will defend the title against Beslan Ushukov (17-3).

ASA 102nd November 29th. Almaty

main card

Welterweight: Albert Tumenov (Russia) – Beslan Ushukov (Russia)

Middleweight: Salamu Abdurakhmanov (Russia) – Valery Myasnikov (Russia)

Lightweight: Ermek Tlauov (Kazakhstan) – Venus Galiev (Russia)

Light Heavyweight: Evgeny Egemberdiev (Kazakhstan) – Daniel Toledo (Spain)

Middleweight: Arbi Aguyev (Austria) – Rafal Kharatik (Poland)

Featherweight: Alexander Peduson (Russia) – Nursultan Kasymkhanov (Kazakhstan)

Early card

Welterweight: Chersi Dudaev (Russia) – Alexander Chernov (Russia)

Light Heavyweight: Shahmaral Jetpisov (Kazakhstan) – Rogers Souza (Brazil)

Lightweight: Musa Hamanaev (Russia) – ZhorobekTesheboyev (Kyrgyzstan)

Light Heavyweight: Corey Hendricks (USA) – Luke Barnatt (UK)

Lightweight: Adlan Bataev (Russia) – Luis Nogueira (Brazil)

Featherweight: Alexander Peduson (Russia) – Nursultan Kasymkhanov (Kazakhstan)

Light Heavyweight: Isa Umarov (Russia) – Carlos Eduardo (Brazil)

Bantamweight: Hussein Shaikhayev (Russia) – Yerzhan Ystanov (Kazakhstan)

Welterweight: Altynbek Mamashev (Kyrgyzstan) – Goit Dazaev (Kazakhstan)

Featherweight: Ivan Zhvirblea (Belarus) – Fanil Rafikov (Kazakhstan)

Bantamweight: Altynbek Dumanuly (Kazakhstan) – Kanat Keldibekov (Kyrgyzstan)


Main edition

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