«Аршавин болен». Первая супруга о проблемах экс-игрока «Кайрата»

"Arshavin is ill." First wife about the problems of ex-player "Kairat"


The flashy wife of striker Andrei Arshavin – Julia Baranovskaya openly stated that he does not communicate with his children, reports Prosports.kz with reference to Eurosport.ru.

"It is very important not to lie to children. And I did not lie to her, what I said, sincerely I think. So far, I believe that anyone who does not communicate with their children is sick. Insane. And that's a serious illness. Sometimes this is accompanied by drugs. This is a very serious illness. And they really do not care about their kids.

Alcoholism is also a serious illness. And now, right now … I sincerely believe, I'm not mistaken. I still think so. It applies to all. People who do not communicate with their children are deeply crazy. But not all diseases happily last forever. A person sometimes recovers. That's all, something like that.

And she said to the children: This is not in you, not in you. It has nothing to do with you. This is the time with the Pope. This is his personal time. He can not stop loving you. It is impossible. And that's true by the way. I sincerely think so. Stop loving a child is impossible. You can become ill yourself and you have a kind of altered consciousness. But stop loving a child is impossible.

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