Али Багаутинов – Жумагулову: Убивать я тебя не стану, живи пока

Ali Bagautinov – Zhumagulova: I will not kill you, goodbye


The former UFC fighter and now the main candidate for the FN World Lightweight Championship (56 kg), Ali Bagautinov, criticized the current champion of Zhalgas Zhumagulova, reports Prosports.kz.

On April 6, Moscow hosted the FN Global 92 tournament, in which main battle Ali Bagautinov met the former champion in the person of Vartan Asatryan. The five-stage fight was completed by the judge's decision in favor of Bagautinov. After the tournament, Ali said that he wanted to fight against the Kazakh fighter Zhalgas Zhumagulova, who holds the championship title with the lowest weight. According to the Russian fighter, "Jaco" does not want to play outside Kazakhstan, so organizing this fight will be extremely difficult.

In an interview with Prosports.kz, Zhumagulov responded to Bagutinov's criticism, assuring him that he was ready to fight in every country.

Zhalgas Zhumagulov: Ready to fight, at least in the backyard of Ali Bagautinov

On April 12, Bagautinov posted on his Instagram page an answer to a Kazakh fighter.

"Zhalgas, we leave all these philosophical considerations. We are with you and there is an FN belt. Which is the strongest. I have no other plans. Waiting for you to decide. And how would you, in your words, not want to die with me in the coming fight, I will not kill you, live now))). And let it happen on neutral territory, so there will be no additional chabars later. Alga! For example, Sochi is the world capital of sports. Baku … Dushanbe … Do you offer to your friends, let us think? !! )), "Said Bagautinov.

We add that, according to Zhumagulov, a possible fight with Ali Bagutinov could take place at the end of this year if Zhalgas does not sign a contract with the UFC.


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