ACA 102 – Nightmare of the Kazakh fans


The ASA 102 tournament ended in Almaty, which should delight the Kazakh audience on paper. summarizes the disappointing results of the past event.

The Russian promotion announced their return to Kazakhstan 6 weeks before the tournament. Originally, the Kazakh spokesman Yevgeny Egemberdiw was on the main card, but Metis withdrew after a week of injury from the tournament. It's not known why, but the promotional matchmakers have made some mistakes with the tournament card. This mainly concerns the main evening – only MMA veterans from Kazakhstan, Ermek Tlauov and Shahmaral Jetpisov, who returned after a break of half a year, spoke there.

On the 29th, the Kazakh audience saw neither Arman Ospanov nor Asylzhan Bakytzhanuly or Artem Reznikov in the octagon. Although the above-mentioned fighters appeared recently and their battles could be transferred to Almaty.

The young prospect had the opportunity to satisfy the Kazakh audience in the early issue. But everything went wrong here.

In the first fight of the evening, a Kazakh fighter Fanil Rafikov met Ivan Zhvirbl from Belarus. The duel at the featherweight (66 kg) lasted all three rounds and ended at the decision of the judge in favor of a guest from Belarus.

So Rafikov suffered a third defeat in a row in the ASA. The future of the Kazakh fighter in promotion is now questionable.

Next, a young prospect, Goit Dazaev, representing the Arlan MMA Pro Team, entered the cage. Dazayev's opponent this evening was the experienced Altynbek Mamashev from Kyrgyzstan. For Goity, the last game was a great opportunity to get a contract with the Russian star, but Mamashev had his own plans that night.

During the first round, where everything ended, Mamashev dismantled the opponent in the rack. Particularly unpleasant were explosive upper sections of Altynbek. Mamashev gradually increased the pace and ended the fight at the end of the first round, which led Dazaev to a tough knockout. It's worth noting that in the final fight, a forbidden kick could possibly be applied if the opponent had three support points. For Dazaev, this defeat was the second in his career.

The third in the arena of Almaty Arena was Altynbek Dumanuly, who performed bantamweight (62 kg). The rival of the fighter was Kanat Keldibekov from Kyrgyzstan. The fight lasted every three rounds and ended with a victory for Keldibekov by a separate decision of the judges.

The bored audience was happy about the Kazakh Nursultan Kasymkhanov. At featherweight (66 kg) he was rejected by Alexander Peduson from Russia. The fighters staged a real three-round spectacle. For 15 minutes, Kasymkhanov built the opponent in the rack, but Nursultan could not end the fight prematurely. As a result – a confident victory of Kasymkhanov by the decision of the judges.

The octagon was followed by veteran MMA Yerzhan Ystanov. The famous fighter made his debut in a new weight class – the bantamweight (62 kg). After another 4 kg from the usual class Yestanov met the unbeaten Russian Hussein Shaikhayev. The fight ended at the end of the first round when Shaikhayev scored a victory with an unusual turn of his heel.

Unfortunately, this defeat for Estanov was the ninth in his career and second in a row. For the fighter from Russia Shaykhayev won the 8th Victoria in his career.

On the main map of the evening, the hopes of the Kazakh spectators hit Shakhmaral Jetpisov and Ermek Tlauov, but here too a cold shower awaited us.

The heavyweight Shahmaral Jetpisov, who has not fought since April 2018, met Rogers Souza from Brazil. In the middle of the first round, Jetpisov was completely tired and the Brazilian began to disassemble his opponent in the rack. The fight ended in the second round when Souza hit Jetpisov on the ground. For a fighter from Kazakhstan, this defeat was the fourth in his career.

Yermek Tlauov, the fighter who retired from Russia against Venus Galiev. The lightweight fight (70 kg) ended in the second round when Galiev scored a victory in the second round. For Tlauov, this defeat was the sixth in his career, and the Russian celebrated the 31st Victoria in his career.

In general, the last tournament with a heavy slap in the face brings the MMA fans from Kazakhstan to their senses. Impeccable achievements of the Kazakhstaners like the 19th of October alternate with catastrophic achievements like the ACA 102. There is a shortage of young and promising fighters, as the average age of fighters providing services is close to 30 years.

We are waiting for the GFC tournament, which will take place on December 25 in Almaty. Maybe this event will set a positive point in the coming decade. I would like to wish the Kazakh fighters health and above all the support of our spectators, because for this reason the athletes step into the octagon.


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